Brace For The Impact On Your Teeth

Written By Alla Levin
December 22, 2021

Brace For The Impact On Your Teeth

Food cannot be avoided for the growth of any child. Braces pose a slight challenge when it comes to eating as they are attached to your teeth and cannot be removed when the time comes. Here are some things you will encounter and avoid when your child gets braces.

Braces Need Care

It’s way too easy for food to get stuck in wired braces. The select few who chose these have to put extra work into keeping their teeth nice and clean. A child orthodontist would suggest brushing your teeth after every meal, and flossing is mandatory. A special kind of flosser would also be given to your child by an orthodontist to clean specifically in and around braces. Regular dental cleaning and checkups would be good to stay on top of any cavities which might impact your child’s braces.

Another tip is to avoid certain foods, which will cause your braces problems. Food such as popcorn, gum, and candy will damage your braces. Surgery drinks like soda and juice are to be omitted since they contribute significantly to tooth decay. Children with clear plastic aligners have it easy, and they just have to remove them while they eat to avoid any food damage.

Braces put pressure on the teeth and can feel very uncomfortable. A child orthodontist would adjust over time by tightening the brackets closer together. It would be suggested to take over-the-counter pain relievers when it’s needed. Sticking to soft food will also save your child time brushing to get those hard-to-reach places clean.

Sometimes wires get loose, and so do brackets. A visit to the orthodontist should immediately be scheduled as the wire could be poking into the child’s mouth. If the orthodontist cannot find the problem right away, the child is given a soft orthodontic wax to use. This wax is used to cover up any sharp spots on the braces or if any wires are rubbing against the mouth and gums.

Impact on Your Teeth: The DifferenceImpact on Your Teeth

Dentists and orthodontists are doctors who specialize in oral healthcare, but with a slight difference between the two. If your child has regular dental issues such as tooth decay, fillings, and tooth pain, they probably should see a regular dentist. They can also treat inflammation in the gums and teeth. If you require jaw alignment, tooth crowding solutions, and palate expansion, you are better off going to an orthodontist.

Both doctors go through extensive training and certifications to get to where they are, so you will always be in good hands. Early detection for any teeth, mouth, and jaw problem is always the best-case scenario for your child. This helps treatments and results be a lot quicker than having it detected when they are teens. Smiles are essential to humans, as, without them, the world would be a lot less bright.

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