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The Best Tips To Help A Child Adjust To Glasses

Vision problems can often hold children back from participating in activities that they love. Therefore, getting glasses can be an exciting experience for them. However, getting new glasses does bring in new complications that your child needs to adjust to overtime.

Once you have gotten your child’s first pair of glasses, you will often find them being confused or experiencing headaches. Thus, it becomes important for you to get involved and help your child out. We are here to help you do just that. Below are the best tips to help a child adjust to glasses.

Let your child select the frames

A lot of parents go ahead and choose the frames for their kids. This often ends up in the child not wearing their glasses regularly because they simply do not like the frame you have selected for them. Therefore, it is best to involve your child in the selection process.

Let your kid know about the wide range of glasses available such as round glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, square glasses, etc. Let them choose their own colors and frame size. This will allow your kid to get frames that represent their personality or what they like, which is essential since they will be wearing these glasses regularly.

Do not scold them for getting glassesDo not scold them for getting glasses

A common mistake that parents make is scolding their kids for getting glasses. While a little caution and restriction in screen times are okay, constantly taunting your kid about their glasses can be a bad decision. This is because your child may not be as open about his experience with glasses due to the fear of being scolded.

In the long run, as well, they might refrain from telling you about any other disease or discomfort they are facing. Instead, you should let them know that getting glasses is okay and normal, along with letting them know about healthy habits that protect your eyesight.

Answer all of their questions

If your child is getting glasses for the first time, especially at a young age, they will surely have a lot of questions. Answering these questions will only assure your kid furthermore about glasses. In case you do not know how to answer their glasses, you can always take them to an eye doctor who can do so.

It is always a good thing that your child is asking you questions as it means they are open about their experience and wish to know more. Moreover, curiosity in children should always be appreciated.

Provide glasses breaks

Breaks from glasses are crucial for everyone who is getting glasses for the first time. This is because first-time glasses wearers often go through headaches and dizziness as their eyes are getting adjusted to the new lenses. Moreover, this also leads to eye strain in many people.

Therefore, you should provide glasses breaks to your kids. Let them know that it is normal to experience headaches, eyestrain, and dizziness because of your glasses in the first week. Along with that, you should teach them about taking a short break from glasses when they feel dizzy as well.

Make sure their glasses fitDo not scold them for getting glasses

When your child gets their glasses, they will fit perfectly. However, over time their glasses can start slipping and falling off their face which can cause disruption in their regular activities. Therefore, you should make sure that their glasses are fixed when they get loose.

Along with that, several times, glasses are tight around the head area when they first come from the shop. If your child is experiencing something like this, make sure you get their glasses loosened up a bit. The improper fitting can often cause children to ditch glasses altogether.

Teach them about lens cleaning

Eyeglasses require proper cleaning to prevent eye infections and to maintain proper hygiene. Thus, you need to teach your kid about cleaning their lenses themselves. Make sure they always have a microfiber cloth with them, so they can clean their glasses whenever there is a smudge.

Along with that, you should teach your child about properly storing eyeglasses and make sure they have their case with them at all times. Instilling clean habits in the earlier years can really benefit your child in the longer run.

Help a Child Adjust to Glasses: Conclusion

That was all! Now you know all the tips that will help your kid become comfortable with their glasses. Be patient with your child as it will take them to sign to get used to their glasses, and remember to be supportive!

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