Reasons to Continue Using Landline Phones in 2022

Written By Alla Levin
December 29, 2021

Reasons to Continue Using Landline Phones in 2022

We know most people in today’s generation think landlines are outdated. But you are still here to look at the advantages of having a home phone. Let us tell you a landline has a lot of benefits that a lot of people do not know about.

Here are four significant advantages of having a home phone at your house:

It will give the 911 dispatchers your address

People call 911 when they are in a dangerous situation. In such an instance, people panic and might not correctly address the dispatchers. However, if you call your landline, the dispatcher will know your exact location and send emergency services or police to your site.

When you call from your mobile phone, they cannot trace your location clearly as they only know from which cell tower the mobile is being used. They can only track your location if you turn on your GPS during an emergency, and your mobile application can share the location with the dispatcher.

Home phones aren’t expensiveHome phones aren’t expensive

If you have both internet and TV service, then adding a home phone will not cost you a lot. Moreover, the cost of a home phone is a lot cheaper compared to other things such as TV, internet, and wifi. These things need more infrastructure; hence they are expensive than landlines. Also, many providers offer deals where your monthly internet or TV bill will be less if you include a home phone in your package.

Features you are using on your phone

If you think home phone features are the same as smartphones, we will disappoint you. But they have all the necessary calling features that we already have on our mobile phones.

Moreover, there can be someone at your house who does not like touchscreen phones. Then a home phone will provide them with a better experience with similar calling features. Some of the features that you will find on the home phone nowadays:

  • Call waiting;
  • 3-way or conference calling;
  • Call forwarding to a different mobile device or a home phone;
  • Voicemail;
  • Texting through the PC;
  • Caller ID;
  • Can store contact information;
  • Call blocking;
  • Speed dialing;
  • Call logs.

Works during any power outages

If you live in a place where extreme winter or summer storms can leave you with no power, then a landline is a must. Most of the time, the home phone works during a power outage.

Moreover, if you have a Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) home phone, you might need a battery to keep the phone running if it is extreme. Also, your provider will tell you about it and will most likely provide you with the batteries.

Using Landline Phones: Final thoughts

If you are convinced why having a landline phone at your home is important, then look at the home phone Quebec services. Talk to the service providers and see what deals you can get.

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