How to Sell Photography on Etsy

Written By Alla Levin
January 10, 2022

How to Sell Photography on Etsy

With excellent photographic skills, you can easily set up your photography business on Etsy and earn a steady flow of income for your business. Etsy is one of the best digital marketplaces where you can easily enjoy the wide market of customers who are actively looking for quality images to use on their websites. Opening a shop account to sell the photos is very easy, but getting the sales sometimes can be challenging. Here is a complete guide to photography for sale on Etsy.

Create a shop account

This is the first step in starting your photography career on Etsy. All you need is to search for the Etsy website and click on the Sign-Up section. You will be prompted to enter your details for the account creation. If you have a Google account, you can easily create your account using the information stored on that account. You can also create an account via Facebook or the Apple option. Make sure that you have chosen the best method with which you feel more secure, and you can easily remember the login details.

With a Google account, you can store your passwords online so that you won’t have to keep entering them every time you need to log in to your account. Then continue to select your country, the language you prefer using, and the favorable currency for your case. 

How to sell photography on Etsy: choose the brand nameHow to sell photography on Etsy

The brand name to be chosen should always be memorable to capture the customers quickly. A memorable and creative business name is likely to make potential buyers want to check the kind of photos you are having in your store. The name should also line up well with the store’s theme and the niche of the photography you are specializing in. 

Choosing a name that relates to the audience is one of the best tips for selling photos prints online. Make sure that you include specific words like art, photo or prints on the name to make it easier to market your brand. offers one of the best guides on profitably selling photography on Etsy and making a considerable amount of income.

Personalize the shop

Personalizing the shop is just customizing it to distinguish it from the other shops offering the same products on Etsy. Remember that this is very crucial, especially when it comes to running promotion campaigns. You can use shop icons on Etsy on the top left of the homepage to personalize your shop.

Also, you can make use of your favorite cover photos that are not the same as the compulsory banners. That’s primarily because they can quickly be loaded on smartphones and be displayed at the top of the photography shop homepage. Then plan how to sell your photography on Etsy with ease.

Upload your listingsHow to sell photography on Etsy

After you have customized your shop to make it have a unique look, it’s now time to upload your listings on the Etsy shop account. Depending on the niche of your specialization, ensure that you have uploaded photos that are unique and offer a personal touch to the buyers, as this will mainly attract them. 

Don’t forget to ensure that all your photos have the necessary frames like the handmade ones of high quality. It’s vital to keep in mind that the buyers will be looking for unique and quality photos that offer an exceptional experience for them. That’s why you should always avoid making your photography too generic.

How to sell photography on Etsy: decide on logistics and distribution

Logistics and distribution are essential components of the photography career in the Etsy shop. You should state clearly on the Etsy shop how the products will be shipped to the customers. Forwarding a digital file for the customers to print is one of the best ways to sell your photos on the Etsy shop. You won’t incur transport costs and other related expenses in this case.

You can also opt for drop-ship services for the customers close to where your store is located. It will free up space for your photography business as you won’t have to keep so many ready photos in stock. The retailers will sell the products as a third party and organize the transport costs.

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