Important Steps To Secure Your Dream Job

Written By Alla Levin
January 12, 2022

Important Steps To Secure Your Dream Job

Getting paid to do what you love is everyone’s dream. Whether you grow up wanting to be a doctor or a teacher abroad, it is important to know the right tips and advice to help you attain your dream job. 

Should your dream job be realistic, then there is no reason not to be able to achieve it. If you are someone seeking support in attaining your dream job, here are all of the steps you need to take.

Enhance your skillset that is needed for the job

Should your dream job require certain skills, then it will be useful to enhance your skillset in order to become more suitable for the role.  For example, should you want to be an actor but not yet have the right voice acting skills or confidence, then you could hire a voice acting coach to improve your skills. A coach will best know how to help you achieve a higher level of skill, which will help you become one step closer to achieving your dream job.

Find a positive reference

In order to secure your dream job, you might need help from a reference. These will write a letter or offer a vocal presentation in order to tell your future employer all about you. Should your reference be negative, then it will likely hinder your chances of achieving the job. However, getting a positive reference could be just what you need to encourage the employer to choose you. A positive reference will shine the light on your good attributes and highlight why you would be great for the role. 

Master the interview stagesecure dream job

Some people might let the interview stage get the best of them and allow their nerves to control their emotions. Although it is fine and common to be nervous, trying to master the interview stage before you go in might help you come across much more clear and confident in the interview, which will be a good sign for your employer. 

Knowing what to expect from their questions and knowing how to respond will help your interview be more efficient and effective in helping you achieve the job. 


Sometimes securing your dream job isn’t about what you know but it’s about who you know. Therefore, it is always a good idea to network. Networking will open up so many doors to opportunities that you would have otherwise missed out on.

You could attend industry events or sessions that your dream company is hosting in order to meet the right people, which could be the entrance you need to find and secure the perfect job role for you. 

Take advantage of your strengths

Whether you are in the interview stage, writing your CV, or talking to someone at a networking event, it is always good to take advantage of your strengths. Talking down about yourself won’t look appealing. 

Hence, share your strengths and utilize them in a way that makes you look ideal for the role. For instance, you might be a good socializer and have a great ability to give people advice. If so, sharing this with your interviewer for your dream therapist role might make you outshine other candidates. 

Infographic created by Swoon, a staff recruiment agency

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