Black Furniture Living Room Ideas

Written By Alla Levin
January 19, 2022

The modern style of a living room is a trend that is continuing to evolve drastically. The style usually incorporates neutral colors and hues including black, grey, white, and beige, and sometimes involves a slight pop of color.

Quite often, homeowners who do adopt this style take the common route of incorporating light and dark greys, as well as white, and have a fear of incorporating too much black due to the drastic effects it may have on the room.

Black can be associated with a grungy and gothic look and this is why it tends to be avoided however, we are going to display how black has the ability to be used perfectly in a contemporary and modernized setting by showing our black furniture living room ideas.

Black Furniture Living Room Ideas: Black walls

To most homeowners, a black wall may be a complete no-no. The suggestion of a black wall can somehow seem extremely dominating and eerie; however, this will not always be the case. A single black wall in the room, whether it be paint or textured wallpaper has the ability to create a bold statement and contrast in the room.

To brighten the space up slightly, you can add additional color through the furniture such as a bold sofa, chairs, or even more subtly through cushions or throws. So, do not let the bleak idea of a black wall turn you off, it can actually act as a really cool and modern feature to your room.

Black gloss Black Furniture Living Room Ideas

We believe that a modern black furniture living room would not be complete without the feature of black gloss. The black gloss has the ability to create a clean and polished look to the room through the sleekness of this furniture style. We would advise opting for a black coffee table or sideboard.

This has the ability to act as a statement asset to the room and can often portray affluence to your space, although the price may not reflect that as black furniture is easy to come across and is not always on the expensive side. Why not add a long sleek black sideboard to your living room?

This will look perfect with very little on top, perhaps including a plant or vase at one side and a few stacked books at the other. Above this mount your TV and ensure that wires are threaded through the back of the wall to avoid loose and disorderly cables hanging on or near the sideboard. For any TV aerial installation.

Black abstract furniture

One way to make the room more modern is to involve modern furniture designs and abstract features. Through the use of abstract furniture, the room can be broken up and not look as bland through several shapes, designs, and colors. Let’s say you have a black sofa in a room with white walls, to add some pattern and life to the room, add a black abstract chair in a trendy design.

The chair could potentially be black and white meaning that the dramatism of the black sofa is broken up and brought to life through the staple piece alongside it. For a pop of color to the sofa, why not incorporate colored cushions; modern colors that are in style for a living room at the moment include lime green, orange, yellow, and baby pink.

Black furniture living room ideas: black wall art Black furniture living room ideas

If black furniture living rooms are still scaring you ever so slightly. Why not consider some smaller black features for the room. Against a white wall, black wall art can look extremely cool and dominating.

If you choose to go for black picture frames, place a black and white photo in them, and the contrast will look incredible against a white or light grey wall. Other than this, black canvas pictures that feature funky abstract art can also add texture to the room without adding too much darkness or dullness to the space if that is your main concern.

All black with a pop of color

If you are ready to delve into a full black furniture living room with no worries or concerns then go for it! Many people involve several shades of greys or browns in their living room so why can’t you embrace all black. An all-black room will look extremely overwhelming but in a positive way.

Here’s an idea, include a black sofa, black wooden flooring, black walls, and even black accessories and incorporate all of this with a large beige rug underneath. One single pop of color within the full room will be guaranteed to give the space a striking and eye-catching aura.

Now that we have displayed our black furniture living room ideas, we hope you aren’t short of plans for your updated living room space. Always bear in mind that a lot of blacks is never too much! If you can make textures, patterns, and minimal color work alongside each other, your living space is guaranteed to look extraordinary.

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