5 Best Road Trips To Do In Australia

Written By Alla Levin
January 25, 2022

5 Best Road Trips To Do In Australia

The Australian beauty is inherently unmatched.  The long beaches, rain forests with unique bird songs, and glistering rivers are unique physical features. A road trip in Australia offers nothing but awe and pure amazement. 

This guide will walk you through the 5 best Australian road trips you can explore. 

Best Australian Road Trips: The Savannah Way

The Savannah is an unavoidably great feature inherent in Australia, mainly found in the northern territory and usually accessible by a 3,500 km stretch.  

Road adventures enthusiasts will find it fun exploring the Savannah way. Car trip enthusiasts can spread the journey over three weeks as the ecosystem demands more time for full exploration to enjoy the stretch fully.

To access Queensland from the West, start from Cairns and pursue the small drive on Atherton tablelands to Mareeba. Plantations and mango orchards will confirm your arrival in Queensland.

You can grab some bites and drinks along the way if you need some refreshments for your journey, which you can get from cafes along the way. You might also fill up with sprouted grain bread and homemade yogurt, complete with coconut lashings.

The most enjoyable way to traverse the whole journey is by breaking it into stages. Each stop will give some amazement as you spend your time exploring what each place has to offer.

You will also interact with a lot of history about the Railway town, located at the edge of an ancient volcano lava flow to the Southeast. The pub at Burketown (Aussie’s most remote drinking joint) is an excellent watering hole where you can grab some drinks. Outback becomes more visible as you dig deeper. Additionally, stunning baobab trees, gorges, and a vast red landscape appear as you head towards Timber Creek.  

The end of the road trip features a restaurant town nicknamed Broome. The town has a rich history, including dinosaur footprints at Purnululu National Park

Pro tip: Because the savannah way is quite a bit of a stretch, it’s possible you could get into a bit of an accident or scratch up your car on the way. If that happens, you can use a service like DingGo to grab local quotes from crash repairers near you. 

The Big Lap The Big Lap 

The Big Lap trip involves a road trip of about 15,000 kilometers, via highway one, linking several capital cities, thereby skirting through the shore between Hobart, Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Esperance, Broome, and Adelaide.

This trip could take a bit longer (about six months) if you want to have an excellent experience. A 4 wheel-drive car, therefore, is advisable when you undertake this epic road trip.

This trip meanders through big cities, rain forests, remote waterholes, white beaches to seaside towns, exposing you to everything tremendous and dear about Australia. You can also use a bypass off the Stuart highway to include Alice Springs, Kakadu, and Uluru to maximize the experience.

Enjoy the good weather from April till September while traveling across north Australia, between Broome and Cairns. The drought season favors road trips as wet weather renders the place inaccessible.

The Ocean Road 

A road trip via Allansford, Torquay, and Victoria is among the most famous stretches on the southern coast. The 243 km stretch winds along Australia’s most phenomenal shoreline, shipwrecks, rain forests, cliffs, and the renowned Twelve Apostles. This road tour is like an Australian rite of passage.

You can make a stop at Loch Gorge, a late 19th-century shipwreck, and the Archway (which crumpled in 2009). You can also explore the Campbell national park and the Gibson steps. If you start your journey in Torquay, you can pull over to look at the coastline, thereby adding more variety to your road trip.

Great Central RoadGreat Central Road

The great central road is also among the top routes you can explore on your road trip. It divides the country, traversing towards famous landmarks like Uluru—a gargantuan sandstone monolith.

Laverton serves as the starting point of this 700-mile stretch, a location famous for its old rush history.

Waypoint on the Great Central Road is the next stage on this route. You can purchase some refreshments at this stop and recuperate as you gather some energy. 

While resting, look out for a myriad of stars in the Australian sky. You can find more guidance on the Tjukayirla Roadhouse. This route is probably the world’s longest shortcut since the road traverses from Western Australia to the Northern territory.

The Pacific HighwayThe Pacific Highway

You can also view beautiful landscapes and sights from Brisbane to Sydney via the Pacific highway. If you desire to catch some waves along your trip, this highway will direct you towards Bron bay and Coffs harbour, where you can watch some surfing action.

This highway is full of awe as you trip along the coastline with beautiful sights. You’ll also have more stunning views of the Gold coast, Myall lakes, and Newcastle.

For some wave action, the golden coast will suit you as you hit the waves with everything you’ve got. You can also consider the Australian Whale Sanctuary for some Humpback Whale action. If you desire some surfer experience, consider Byron Bay, as there is more wave action and energy around this hipster hotspot.

You can make a quick stop at the Byron Bay lighthouse, a walk that takes less than one hour, where you can also view the easternmost point of Australia. Don’t forget the Bongil Bongil National Park, where you’ll get in touch with nature as you view koalas and the lovely eucalyptus forests.

Why Should You Take a Road Trip in Australia? 

As you interact with nature, you become susceptible to wandering thoughts, which help cognition ingrained memories and emotions. Road trips also allow you to unwind, decompress as we get buried in introspection, and learn about the world around us. Start planning your road trip in Australia today. 

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