5 Tips for a Warm Winter While Saving Energy 

Written By Alla Levin
January 25, 2022

5 Tips for a Warm Winter While Saving Energy

It is a different combination: staying warm this winter while saving energy. Where the past winters might have been quite mild, the current winter may be old-fashioned cold again.

In practice, this means that the average heating costs per household will be considerably higher than in previous years, even if you have opted for energy deals. Because it is colder in winter and people stay indoors more, more energy is used naturally than in other seasons. Although this cannot be avoided, there are still ways to save energy even in winter, without compromising the heat in the house.

Close the doors

Closing doors is always important to keep a room warm, especially during the winter. Rooms that are not used are often freezing, especially in the winter. Warm air from another room flows here a lot faster than it does during warmer times. For this reason, pay extra attention to closing doors. In practice, this can save a lot of energy. In particular, doors to rooms with many windows must be closed quickly to retain heat.

Wear an extra sweaterWear an extra sweater

Indoors it is nice to have a comfortable room temperature where it is unnecessary to wear a jacket. However, that is not to say that wearing a good sweater is too much of a good thing. It does not make sense to heat to a temperature where a shirt is already too warm. This costs a lot of money and is unnecessary.

Insulate your home

One of the best ways to save energy is to insulate a home very well. Heat no longer just disappears, which avoids extra heating costs. In the short term, however, it is difficult to apply large-scale home insulation. However, simple measures can be taken to better insulate the house and thus save energy. For example, it can help to close the curtains during the winter, while radiator foil should be applied too for better insulation.

Light candlesLight candles

Humans have used fire to keep warm for thousands of years, so why should not that still be a good option? By lighting several candles, an amazing amount of heat can be created. This is quickly noticeable, especially in small spaces. Of course, candles are not only practical on a cold winter evening, they are also attractive: a win-win situation. Spread the candles strategically throughout the room to achieve even heating.

Open the over after use

It may sound like something with limited influence, but a used oven can be a good heater. Particularly in slightly smaller homes, a used oven can significantly impact the room temperature. The warm air flows quickly into the room by opening the oven door. In this way, an extra stove can be created, without using extra energy. Unfortunately, you will not always use your oven for cooking food, so this tip cannot be used every day.

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