Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Surgery: 4 Steps You Should Take

Written By Alla Levin
January 28, 2022
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Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Surgery: 4 Steps You Should Take

Some medical situations or personal decisions may lead to the removal of wisdom teeth. Whichever the reason, if you have oral surgery in your schedule, it is essential to prepare yourself for the procedure and even post-surgery. You should also adhere to your dentist’s instructions in your preparation.

Oral surgery is like any other surgery, meaning the preparation process should be the same. However, oral surgery has a few extra steps you must follow for a smooth operation and a quick recovery afterward. On that note, check out these steps and visit the site to follow them before going for wisdom teeth surgery.

No Eating or Drinking the Night Before

If you are going to be given an anesthetic substance, you have to obey the same rule as any other surgery patient. Avoid eating or drinking for up to twelve hours before the procedure. Your dentist will advise that you use only a sip of water if you take medications.

If you take a local anesthetic, your dentist may allow you to take a small amount of bland food some hours before the wisdom teeth surgery. After the meal, you will have to brush and floss your teeth properly before going to the operation room. Obeying this rule will protect you from incidents of aspiration dangers. Nonetheless, if you happen to eat, smoke, or drink anything before surgery, make sure you inform your dentist.

Give an Accurate Medical HistoryPreparing for wisdom teeth surgery

Clearly explain to your doctor your medical history. Tell them all the medications, supplements, or health products you are using. In addition, do not forget to mention if you take aspirin or any blood thinner and ask your doctor before the date if you should stop.

It would be best to present a report from your regular doctor on advanced healthcare so that the operating dentist can understand your healthcare needs. Once the dentist knows your medical history, they can easily see which medications are compatible with surgery and which ones you have to stop.

Buy Appropriate Food for Recovery

Your medical practitioner may recommend a strict diet after your wisdom teeth surgery to hasten recovery. Ask about the diet beforehand to prepare. Include healthy drinks such as milk, water, tea, and any protein drink available in your shopping. It helps to do the shopping before going for the procedure to avoid stress during recovery.

You will need to maintain a diet of soft foods for a few days after the operation. Spicy or acidic foods may slow down the healing process. Lastly, avoid using a straw at any cost.

Remove Contacts and Jewelry Before

The accessories you wear to the surgery room matter. Your surgeon may advise you to remove eye contact lenses if you have any; this is because you may need to shut your eyes for a long time while under the influence of anesthesia.

It would be best to remove any jewelry before going in, as you may be requested to take them off at some stages of the procedure. Do not put on makeup when coming for wisdom teeth removal. It would be good to pin your hair at the back if long and voluminous.

Preparing for wisdom teeth surgery: in summary

Undergoing any form of medical operation can be distressing. Yet it might feel fast and straightforward if you prepare adequately. Planning your recovery quickens the process so that you do not suffer unnecessary pain.

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