The Most Common Reasons For Betrayal Of A Loved One

Written By Daniel Mac
January 31, 2022

The Most Common Reasons For Betrayal Of A Loved One

Statistics say that infidelity occurs with varying frequency in every other couple. Based on these data, scientists have determined the psychology of adultery. It turned out that there are several recurring reasons for cheating.

The main reasons for cheating

  • They are seeking sensations that cannot be obtained from a partner. It happens that a couple looks harmonious and happy: they are on the same wavelength, they don’t annoy each other, tastes in movies and books converge, the rhythm of life is the same, travel and vacations are always together, and in joy and in general, this couple is comfortable, fun and enjoyable together. But in bed, one does not get what he wants from the other; secret desires and a thirst for experimentation remain, for which some go to the side.
  • The desire to diversify life. Insipid weekdays, everyday life-work-vacation according to the schedule plunge into despair. I want to shake and have bright sensations. And a live sex affair on the side is just what you need: dangerous, attractive, tickling your nerves, and pulling you out of your routine.
  • It is like a man to seek and crave the new. In a relationship, love pleasures slide into a repetitive pattern of interaction with the body of a partner, every centimeter of which is thoroughly studied and all of its capabilities are known. I would like to change the disgusting script for something unusual and non-standard, to discover new erotic secrets and dispel boredom.
  • Stress. Sex discharges physically and psychologically. Therefore, sometimes non-binding sex on the side is just a way to escape from everyday troubles for at least an hour, forget about everyone (including those closest to you, with whom most of the everyday problems are connected), and the opportunity to let off steam.
  • They are seeking emotional comfort. Sometimes people in a couple get tired of each other. Accumulated grievances, a feeling of lack of care and warmth from another (be it a man or a woman), make you look for warmth on the side. Things may turn out to be a double betrayal, not only physical. When a partner stops praising, admiring, and giving gifts and began to nag and make claims, you want to fill in the deficiencies and find someone who will restore faith in yourself, express delight about your personality, and envelop you with affection and care.
  • Revenge. With the help of betrayal, some want to teach a lesson or punish a partner for the grievances they have brought. Moreover, some of the “avengers” cheat openly, wanting to hurt their partner; others are content with the fact of betrayal and only chuckle to themselves with satisfaction.
  • Drunk state. Alcohol and other brain fogging drugs turn off the “toggle switches” of decency and restraint and increase the animal libido. A person becomes excessively playful and loses control, which is why there are so many jokes and memes about corporate parties: even the quietest and most shy programmer, when drunk, can turn into Don Juan. When there are no internal barriers, you can safely drive up to the beauty manager, whom you were afraid to look at because of sobriety.

Reasons for Betrayal of a Loved One: Types Of People Who Are Especially Prone To CheatingThe Most Common Reasons For Betrayal Of A Loved One

Daffodils. The feelings from one person are not enough for a narcissistic narcissist: they need to be loved by everyone around them. Cheating for narcissists is a way to prove to themselves once again how desirable they are.

People with low self-esteem and self-doubt. For them, the loss of a partner’s attention and a decrease in passion towards them even by a degree is a red light. Deep complexes make such people constantly look for new objects to raise their self-esteem. They demand increased interest in themselves and set off searching for “fresh” relationships as soon as it seems that interest in them is declining.

Egoists. The most annoying type of people. They are well aware that their betrayal injures their partner, but their pleasure is above all for them. They do not doubt that they will indeed be forgiven, so nothing prevents them from indulging in all severe things. A long list of those seduced incredibly amuses the egoist’s pride.

The Most Common Age For CheatingThe Most Common Age For Cheating

Recent studies at New York and California Universities have shown that people are twice as likely to be unfaithful when they reach “turning age” (29, 39, 49).

Psychologists explained this by the fact that a crisis occurs in a person’s life on the eve of the beginning of a new decade. During this transitional period, self-doubt and fear of the future are aggravated. There is a reassessment of achievements and one’s values, a search for new life paths and ways of living.

Ahead is a significant new stage, and it is not always clear how to live in it. As a result, increased anxiety appears, and a person drowns it out with the help of sex cam and mistresses. After all, interest from the opposite sex has always been an indicator of our attractiveness, sexuality, and success.

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