Must-Know Personal Branding Tips for 2022

Written By Alla Levin
February 01, 2022
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Must-Know Personal Branding Tips for 2022

In this article,  we will discuss the must-know personal branding tips for 2022. When you’re starting your career, building a personal brand is a crucial step in getting ahead of others around you. Your personal brand is what makes you stand out amongst other job applicants and can help or hinder your chances of finding employment.

Since employers have started doing work-for-hire projects on sites like Upwork, they’ve been looking to hire freelancers with great personal branding. The rules of filling out a resume or waiting around for an interview aren’t the same anymore.

What does Personal Branding Mean?

Personal branding is everything you do to establish your reputation and trustworthiness on the internet. It includes how others find out about you, what they think of you after meeting or working with you, and what comes up when they google your name. All these things feed into each other and can affect your work. Your reputation has to be 100% spotless if you want to do work for someone else because they are taking a big risk hiring you.

Why is Having a Strong Personal Brand Important?Personal branding tips for 2022

Beyond just looking for a quality freelancer, companies are also trying to avoid hiring anyone who might damage their own brand. If an employee with a strong personal brand gets in trouble, they could throw the company under the bus and it would affect everyone else’s trustworthiness overnight.

Personal branding is one of the best ways to show employers you know how to work hard, stay on task, and have a good attitude even when the chips are down.

What Personal Branding is Not

Personal branding is not about self-promotion. Self-promotion gets you nowhere when it comes to building your personal brand. If you want people to trust you, they need to see that you are modest but know your stuff.

Instead of calling yourself an expert, show off your work and showcase your best qualities when you do so. There are five steps to creating an effective personal brand:

  1. Building your brand’s reputation online;
  2. Learning how to manage others’ impressions of you;
  3. Getting hired for jobs on Upwork;
  4. Managing your online reputation;
  5. Staying relevant in 2022.

Building your brand’s reputation online

Your brand is built over time and by engaging with others online, whether that be through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogging platforms like WordPress or Medium.

You should always be networking and looking for opportunities to contribute to relevant projects and publications. By creating a great online reputation as a freelancer, you can attract more jobs and project opportunities.

Learning how to manage others’ impressions of youBuilding your brand's reputation online

Even if work-for-hire never takes off in your field, or if it does and you want to still build a career as a full-time freelancer, managing others’ first impressions of you is still very important.

If you are doing work for a company, they will want to hire someone who is easy to manage, trustworthy and dependable…not just someone who does good work. You have to be more than just your work product.

Getting hired for jobs

The best way to show that you are professional, reliable, and trustworthy is to have a professional website, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter with work proof. People are more willing to hire freelancers without full-time jobs if they can see proof that they are successful in their field. Also make sure you communicate regularly with your clients so they feel important and valued, even when it’s about small issues – this goes a long way.

Managing your online reputation

If you have a poor reputation, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to get new clients or work. Make sure you don’t commit any major blunders by not checking your mobile phone 24/7, avoiding drunk-tweeting, and refraining from getting into petty fights on social media with people you don’t know.

Badmouthing others will only make you look bad, and might even end up in a blog post like this one that can damage your reputation (so take it easy, tiger).

Staying relevantManaging your online reputation

The most important thing about personal branding is staying current so you are always employable. There are no excuses in 2022 for having an out-of-date LinkedIn or website. You have to constantly be reading, learning about the latest trends in your field, and keeping up with your contacts.

By following these steps, you’ll build a successful personal brand that will serve you well into the future.

Personal branding tips for 2022: Time to Check Your Personal Brand

To make sure your personal brand is in good shape, search for yourself on Google. Your LinkedIn profile should be at the top of the results, above any other social media profiles you have!

If it’s not at the top, put more effort into optimizing your profile with keywords and making sure you’re using all of the network’s available features. If someone is looking for a freelancer with your skills, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find you!

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