Is My Real Estate Agent Legit?

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2022

Is My Real Estate Agent Legit?

An experienced real estate agent can be a massive help in the process of buying or selling a home. Most real estate agents are professional and trustworthy, but you still need to be vigilant as some agents may not have your best interests at heart. To avoid dishonest agents who just want to make as much money out of you as possible, follow the advice listed below and be aware of the warning signs.

Find an agent through a reputable company

Many people like to choose real estate agents like that friends and family have recommended, but if you don’t have any recommendations to help you, then you may be wondering how to find an agent you can trust. Luckily, reputable real estate companies, including Compass, have experienced agents to help you with your search.

With Compass, you can look at available properties and find real estate agents in your area, but is Compass legit? Absolutely! Compass is an award-winning real estate company that has thousands of highly rated agents to choose from.

Check agents’ reviews and online profilesIs My Real Estate Agent Legit

Reading online reviews is always essential for discovering if a real estate agent’s claims are legitimate. By looking at realtor reviews, you can find out if others have had positive or negative experiences with an agent and check if the agent has as much knowledge as they say. You can also look at the real estate agent’s profile on websites such as Zillow to see their experience level.

Compare fees

When looking for a real estate agent, you must have discussions with multiple agents before you choose one to work with, as this will allow you to compare their fees. Lower fees aren’t necessarily better, as there may be hidden costs that the agent isn’t disclosing. Speaking to multiple real estate agents can help you figure out the average prices.

Is my real estate agent legit: compare valuations

Discussing the details with multiple real estate agents will also give you an idea of what your house is worth if you’ve decided to sell. Be wary of agents that give you a much higher valuation than others, as they may be inflating the value of your house just to secure you as a client. This can then lead to issues with selling your home, or the agent will drop the house price once you’re their client.

Suppose you doubt the legitimacy of a real estate agent and have a complaint. In that case, you should always report this agent to the Better Business Bureau or the National Association of Realtors if they’re a Realtor. Realtors in this organization are bound to the Code of Ethics, making it even more critical to follow the rules.

Ultimately, you should familiarize yourself with examples of ethical and unethical behavior in the real estate industry so you can recognize when your agent is acting appropriately. Reading online reviews and researching your agent thoroughly is also extremely important.

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