Top 7 Things Every SOD Grass Buyer Should Know Before Buying

Written By Alla Levin
March 15, 2022

Top 7 Things Every SOD Grass Buyer Should Know Before Buying

SOD grass also referred to as ‘turf’ grass, is seed-planted for commercial purposes and harvested after about 18weeks. The harvested SOD has mature grass and a soil layer attached, with well-netted grassroots ready for direct installation on your lawn.

SOD grass is typically the best solution for your lawns, as it’s much more stress-free to install and easy to care for. Having said that, SOD grass can lead to frustrations and disappointments if not properly prepared and installed.

Luckily for SOD enthusiasts, this article looks at what you should consider when buying SOD to avoid these flops.

Health traits of SOD Grass

When purchasing SOD grass, you need to have a great understanding of the traits exhibited by a healthy ‘turf.’ Keep in mind that healthy SOD has thick foliage with a steady green hue. It has humid soil around the roots, and the roots should be dense and closely braided together. Having the roots intertwined proves that the grass has the robustness to survive transportation. It also helps your SOD withstand the stress undergone from planting to harvesting, preventing it from tearing off or becoming weakened during installation.

The amount of soil that should come with your SODThe amount of soil that should come with your SOD

When purchasing SOD, note that the soil that comes with it should be at least one inch deep. This proves that the grass is healthy and its roots network is well established; this will be a quick pick when laid on your lawn.

The type of SOD you require

SOD sellers have many varieties at your disposal. Choosing the correct type of SOD  is determined by many factors. This includes the type of soil, ability to resist pests and diseases, level of maintenance required for the variety, the climate in your area, etc. Considering all these factors helps you get the best SOD type with less stress to install and maintain.

Amount of SOD needed

SOD can be relatively expensive. Therefore, you must determine precisely how much SOD is required before purchasing the grass for your home, yard, or commercial property. Measuring the size of the area being installed with SOD will help you accurately determine the size of sod-pallet you need to buy.

The best time to lay your SOD

Bad weather timing can result in great disappointments on your SOD lawn. As such, you need to consider the current weather before purchasing your SOD. It’s suggested that spring goes well with most SOD varieties.

Who will handle your SOD installationSOD installation

Before purchasing your SOD, have a good idea of where to get a professional installer. This will benefit you as the professional knows precisely what is required to properly install SOD for a great outcome.

Delivery of the SOD

After purchasing your SOD, most dealers will offer transport for you at an extra cost. This may end up being a bit costly, so arranging how to transport it by yourself can dramatically reduce the cost, making the entire process much cheaper.

SOD Grass Buyer: Conclusion

SOD grass is the ideal way to transform your lawns and is a quick option to settle on a new one. It has become the most effective solution for many home and commercial properties owners who want a quick transformation of their lawns. It’s essential to consider the factors discussed in this article, helping you select the best type of SOD for your needs.

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