How to Make Your Next Trip More Meaningful

Written By Alla Levin
February 04, 2022

How to Make Your Next Trip More Meaningful

There’s nothing quite as exciting as traveling. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, for business, or for some combination of the two—you’re obviously probably looking forward to it and hoping that you’ll have a great time.

But here’s the thing.

Engaging in meaningful travel isn’t always automatic

Sometimes, you’ve got to put a little bit of work and effort into making your trip as meaningful as possible. How do you do this? Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this blog post. Let’s get to it, and make your next business trip or vacation as meaningful as it can possibly be.

Write Down Your Hopes For The TripWrite Down Your Hopes For The Trip

Anyone who has lived a bit of life in this world knows that reality often doesn’t meet our expectations. However, sometimes, this happens because we’re not even completely conscious of what our expectations are.

Taking a moment to write down your hopes and expectations for the trip can really help you to connect with the intention behind your purpose. Operating with this increased awareness can really help you to focus on the things that matter most.

Write Down Your Priorities

What’s the most important thing to accomplish during this trip? If it’s a work trip, then the number-one priority is probably work-related. If it’s a vacation, the number one priority may be to visit family, to have a good time, to relax, to see the sights, etc.

But here’s the thing.

You can usually accomplish more than one goal on a trip, regardless of what the purpose of the trip is. But making a priority list can help you to organize your activities for maximum benefit. As Hotel Engine very eloquently says on their blog:

“Whether you’re planning corporate events, business travel, or taking a much-needed and well-earned vacation — you want to be ahead of the trends. Knowing what to expect can help you confidently prepare for your trip.”

Making a priority list will help you to figure out what you absolutely need to get done. But it will also let you know when you’ve checked enough items off the list to do other things that you want to do as well.

Leave Room For SpontaneityLeave Room For Spontaneity

Thus far, you’ve written down your expectations and you’ve recorded your priority list.


You have the makings of an awesome intention itinerary already put together for your trip.

We’re all about creating amazing to-do lists. In fact, creating a to-do list to make a plan for your trip is probably the number one way to make the most of your time. However, when it comes to making your trip more meaningful, there’s also something to be said for adventure and spontaneity.

In other words, you’re going to want to schedule some free time where you can just do whatever you feel like doing at the moment as well.

Perhaps your hotel will sit next to a beautiful beach that you’d like to visit. Maybe on the way to a business meeting, you’ll pass by a section of town that you’d like to come back and explore later. Sometimes, these spontaneous adventures are the things that turn out to be the most memorable.

But if you never allow yourself the time to explore these extracurricular activities, you might miss out on some of the most meaningful parts of your trip.

Enjoy The Small Things

One of the best things about traveling is that it takes us out of our everyday environment and places us in a setting that we’re unfamiliar with. This is why traveling can be so inspiring, creative, and motivating.

When we escape from our little isolated corner of the world, and we embark upon a greater adventure, our eyes are opened to new things—and our soul is awakened to new possibilities.

So whenever you travel, try to be intentional about enjoying every single new opportunity you come across. No matter how mundane it may be, savor that cup of coffee you’re drinking in that beautiful hotel lobby.

Take a moment during your business meeting to appreciate the newness of the restaurant you’ve scheduled it in. As you walk to your next business conference session, be intentional about taking into account what the air smells like and how the ambiance feels in this specific part of town.

These may seem like small and insignificant things. But when you intentionally enjoy them and appreciate them, you’ll find that your journey will likely be that much more meaningful.

How to Make Your Next Trip More Meaningful: Conclusion

We hope you find these tips helpful on your next business or vacation trip. As always, stay safe out there! We’ll catch you on the next one.

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