Protect your Home From Pests with These Tips

Written By Tom Holt
February 10, 2022

Protect your Home From Pests with These Tips

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, and every home is a potential target for pests. Pests can come in many forms, from slugs and spiders to rats and cockroaches. Some may be harmless but unpleasant to look at, while others can cause havoc and it is exactly this reason why you must be prepared for these sorts of situations – you can learn more about pest control here.

Termites, for instance, can eat away at your home until it becomes a shell of themselves without you even realizing it. Therefore you must be vigilant and have measures in place to prevent potential infestations. Let’s take a look at some ways you can protect your home:

Look Out for Telltale Signs

Rat droppings are a pretty obvious sign that something is wrong and you need rodent control, but there are far more subtle things to be aware of. For instance, if you have termites, you need to be aware of several things, including peeling or blistering paintwork. If you knock the wood here, you may hear it sounds hollow instead of solid.

Termites may even cause you to have sloping floors or doors that no longer close properly as they eat away at the structural integrity of your home. Look for piles of sawdust-like substances piling up in places too. If you place your ear against to wall, you may even hear clicking sounds as termites bash heads. One of the most obvious signs that you have termites is mud tubes. These can usually be seen on the foundations, or take a flashlight and look inside your crawl space.

Protect your home from pests: declutter Protect your home from pests

If you want a free home from rodents and other pests, you need to get rid of the clutter. Clutter creates a safe space and reeding ground for all sorts of nasties, including mold. So it would help if you got to grips with clitter.

Get a box and start removing anything you no longer want or need. Think about selling items or giving things away. The more things you can remove, the more diminutive space creatures will have to thrive and the safer it will be for you and your children.

Fill up Cracks

Any crack in walls and woodwork are like a neon sign saying entrance to bugs and rodents. So, it would help to work on filling up these entrances. Sometimes you may even see slug trails where you have been infested with slugs at night.

It is possible to follow these trails back to the entry point and fill that in with some kind of filler. Insects and other pests are perfectly happy to sit in hiding in these hotels waiting for night to descend and you to go to bed.

Protect your Home From Pests: Keep the Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is where the food is, and pests know this. So, it would help if you were extra vigilant about keeping this room tidy. Always sweep the floors and wipe down the sides to ensure no food waste, otherwise known as the temptation to any pests. When cooking, it is essential to keep the room ventilated, too, to avoid it being a humid haven for bugs like cockroaches. 

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