Inspirational Ideas for Leveling Up Your Kitchen

Written By Alla Levin
October 31, 2022

Inspirational Ideas for Leveling Up Your Kitchen

Chances are, you spend quite a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking up a storm every night or mostly use it to make coffee and plate up your takeout, it’s one of the most important rooms of the house.

As such, you want to make sure that – in addition to being fully functional – it’s a space you like. So if your kitchen is currently looking a little bit lackluster, here are some inspirational ideas for how you can upgrade it. No matter your tastes or budget, there’s sure to be at least one option that appeals to you!

Fix the factors that annoy you

Maybe there’s a cupboard door that doesn’t quite close properly, or your fridge is a little bit too small for your family’s needs. Perhaps you hate the color of the countertops, or the lighting isn’t bright enough for when you’re cooking.

If you have any particular bugbears in your kitchen, dealing with those should be your first port of call. Even if it’s only a small issue, you’ll be amazed at the difference solving it can make. Then you can move on to other types of upgrades. Of course, if there’s nothing that needs fixing in your kitchen, you can skip this step and get straight on with the fun parts!

Make it themedLeveling Up Your Kitchen

One way to truly take your kitchen to the next level is to give it a theme. This doesn’t have to be dramatic and all-encompassing like Star Wars or a 1950s American diner – although it can be!

Rather, you can choose a more subtle option, such as country chic or sleek minimalism. This can then be used as a guide when choosing aspects such as appliances, furniture, flooring, etc.

Even a simple color scheme such as black and red can suffice as a theme because it ties the whole room together stylishly. If you’re not sure what to go for, have a browse online and check out photographs of different kitchen themes to see what jumps out at you.

Leveling Up Kitchen: Update your appliances

If you want to improve your kitchen instantly, investing in new appliances is a great way to do it. You could upgrade your oven if you’ve had yours for a while, splash out on a smart fridge, or buy a dishwasher to save yourself time on the washing up.

This is also a good opportunity to cut your energy bills and carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly appliances. There are many simple ways you can go green in the kitchen which are worth checking out – both the planet and your bank balance will thank you!

Get some cool new gadgetsLeveling Up Your Kitchen

Treating yourself to a new kitchen gadget is always fun, and these days there’s a seemingly endless variety out there to choose from. For example, you could have a hot water faucet installed so you can have instant access to boiling water at your sink.

Alternatively, click here to find out how a sink garbage disposal could help you to deal with food waste quickly and easily. Fantastic options for making drinks include blenders, hot chocolate makers, and coffee machines, while if you love baking, you could go for a stand mixer, a candy thermometer, or a cute set of cookie cutters.

Leveling Up Kitchen: Replace your cookware

Don’t have the budget for appliances and gadgets? No problem! Even replacing your old cookware and tableware can make a huge difference. Pick out some plates with a design you love, some good quality cutlery, sparkling new glasses, or a shiny set of pots and pans.

Although they’re relatively small purchases, they’re items that you use almost every day – which means that your opinion of them can have a surprisingly big impact on your mood when you’re cooking or eating.

Add some decorLeveling Up Your Kitchen

Another simple yet effective way to brighten up your kitchen and add some personality to the space is to get some decorative items. This could be anything from wall art to ornaments or a new fixture for the overhead light.

The main factor is choosing something you love, which makes you smile. Where possible, try to pick out decor that matches the theme or color scheme you’ve chosen for your kitchen so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Leveling Up Kitchen: Please keep it clean

It doesn’t matter how fancy your gadgets are or how cool your design theme is – if your kitchen is messy and dirty, then it’s not going to be a pleasant place to spend your time. Cleaning the kitchen is probably never going to be an activity you love, but you can make it easier with the following tips:

  • Wipe up spills immediately;
  • Make cleaning a habit rather than a chore so that it takes less willpower to do;
  • Do the dishes straight away;
  • Have fun with it by putting some music or a podcast on;
  • Put everything away when not in use to avoid cluttering up the countertops;
  • Have cleaning products in easy reach to make it easy to get started;
  • Take the trash out as soon as it’s full;
  • Ensure your kitchen is well organized, so it’s easier to keep it tidy.

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