Local VS Long Distance Move: Best Long-distance Movers Explain the Difference

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2022

Local VS Long Distance Move: Best Long-distance Movers Explain the Difference

All the relocation process comes with unique challenges, and the right way to combat the challenges is by hiring the best long-distance movers from the Moving Apt to complete the relocation process.

Whether a short or local move or a vast or long-distance move, no relocation process is more straightforward and requires a lot of planning and hard work. Considering it, a DIY approach is not wise and can stress you. So, make sure you start looking for the right movers to complete the process whenever you consider shifting.

Meaning defined: What is meant by a local move?

Regarding local relocation, let us inform you that these relocations occur within a city, town, street, area, or neighborhood. This type of move is also known as intrastate relocation, as it occurs within the same state. According to professional moving companies, local moves are defined as relocations within 60 to 100 miles.

What is meant by a long-distance move?

These relocations occur across the state or country, or intrastate terminology is used. This particular type of move is also known as interstate or intercountry relocation as it takes place outside the state or country lines. According to professional moving companies, long-distance moves are defined as relocations taking place at a distance of more than 100 miles.

Local vs. long-distance move: calculation of moving cost:What is meant by a local move

How is the cost of the local move calculated?

It has been seen that moving quotes of the local relocation are simpler than long-distance relocations. When undertaking a local move, the transition cost is calculated based on the number of hours and movers, packing material, etc, required to complete the moving process.

If you are shifting heavy and oversized items locally, movers must use equipment; thus, you will be charged an extra price for the unique requirements. A list of other factors that could affect your moving quote is long carried fees, stair carry fees, unpacking or organizing of the fee of the item, etc.

How is the cost of a long-distance move calculated?

The approach of long-distance relocators is quite different from the local ones. Many factors could affect the moving quote when it comes to long-distance relocation. These might include- the number, size, and weight of the belongings to be shifted, several relocators and different moving services required, number and size of the moving trucks rented, moving specialty belongings, accessing storage facility, distance to be traveled, liability coverage plan, etc.

Similar to the local move, moving quotes for long-distance moves are also affected by long carry and stair fees, etc. If you hire full-service long-distance movers for unpacking and organizing the stuff in the new house, you will have to pay for the additional charges.

Packing is different

It is to be noted that the way of packing items also varies according to the distance of the move. If you move locally- within the city, district, or neighborhood- your possessions will be in transit only for a few hours.

But when relocating at a long-distance- across the state or country borders, your possessions will be transit for days. Depending on the duration of the transit, the way of packing things differs.

Now that items in the local-move are exposed to lower risk, the movers don’t have to pack the items using more packing material. Only a single layer of packing paper is enough for the items.

It is the long-distance relocation when items are traveling for a longer duration and thus, are exposed to more significant risks. The single layer of packing paper can expose the belongings to damage when in transit.

Therefore, the movers need to pack the items more carefully by providing double-layered packing paper. Once the items are packed with packing paper or bubble wrap, they are placed in a sturdier, more durable cardboard box for extra protection.

How does a long-distance move differ?

The preparation for a far distant relocation process needs to be started months before if you don’t want to find yourself in a big problem at the last moment. You don’t just have to worry about packing the items; you also have to focus on the trip. Though for both kinds of relocation, prior preparation and strategy are important, especially since this is crucial for long-distance ones.

Additional legal paperwork is required because you must relocate your belongings out of the state. Make sure you choose only the movers who have a license from the federal motor carrier safety administration and have the proper insurance to have the required peace of mind. It would help if you were extra careful in this relocation process.

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