Same-Day Delivery Services
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Same-Day Delivery Services: How They Can Help Your Business

Courier and delivery services are in high demand in Canada. According to Statista, in 2020, Canada Post delivered about 389 million parcels, compared to the 320 million units delivered in the previous year.

When you order a package, it goes through various stages in the delivery process. Last mile delivery refers to the last step of the delivery process. This step is very crucial in business models that offer same-day delivery. Businesses are seeing a demand from their customers for same-day shipping. Those who can offer this service will have a leg-up on the competition.

What is a Same-day Delivery Service?

Companies that offer same-day delivery services (SDS) need to ensure that the delivery process happens as quickly as possible. They often use small aircraft like drones or vans to make their deliveries, but the most common method is a motorbike. Online retailers often use these delivery services that sell on marketplaces and their websites.

Marketplace deliveries are becoming increasingly popular with online retailers because they can sell on multiple websites without shipping themselves. Sellers can spend more time focusing on their products, while the SDS handles the deliveries for them.

Benefits of Selecting a Same-Day Delivery Service for Your BusinessSame-Day Delivery Services

If you’re an online retailer, same-day delivery services can be a massive asset to your business. Here are the top benefits.

Boosts Sales

One of the significant benefits of same-day delivery is boosting sales. Speedy deliveries often stimulate customers, so offering this service can profoundly affect your business. The last-mile delivery is the most crucial step of any delivery process and is handled with utmost care in same-day delivery services.

If you’re still unsure whether same-day delivery will benefit you, you could run some tests to see how your sales are affected.

Competition is Steep

With the popularity of home deliveries rising, so is the competition. Competing with another company with the fastest delivery time is a losing battle. Still, you can offer your customers a unique service that your competitors are unwilling to provide with same-day delivery services. Imagine offering your customers the option of same-day delivery alongside the lowest shipping rates.

Fragmented Industry

The same-day delivery industry is fragmented, meaning there is limited competition in most areas. A lack of competitors can be an advantage if you offer better prices or higher quality services.

Fragment industries include highly regulated sectors in which the barriers to entry are very high due to technical and legal constraints. It helps online sellers because they’ll have less competition from other companies attempting to do the same thing.

Lowers Shipping Costs

Another great benefit of a same-day delivery service is that it helps you lower your shipping costs. Customers will often use these companies because they’re cheaper than established brands. If you can offer this service alongside your existing services, it will be an advantage over the competition.

Builds Trust

Providing a same-day delivery service is a great way to build trust. Customers want reliability, and that’s what an SDS can provide. By choosing an outside company to do your deliveries, you’re showing the public that you have confidence in them. It is likely to help build brand trust, which is vital in e-commerce.


Businesses that offer same-day delivery services will benefit from the sheer amount of customers they can reach. It is a growing industry with a need for new companies, so it’s an excellent opportunity for online retailers to break into. As long as you hire an excellent same-day delivery service provider, it is sure to be beneficial for your business.

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