5 Cool Ways To Spruce Up Your Old Garden Shed

Written By Alla Levin
February 21, 2022

5 Cool Ways To Spruce Up Your Old Garden Shed

It’s easy to spend lots of money when sprucing up your garden. I’m guessing it’s never looked better in your life, but there is probably one big problem. Most people don’t do anything about old garden sheds.

If you’ve not replaced the shed in years, it’s holding your beautiful garden back. Luckily, you can carry out a few improvements instead of replacing them. Here are some of the best things you should focus on first.

Paint It A Bright Color

Think about painting your shed a bright color if it looks dull at the moment. It will brighten up your entire garden. If you use a Graco Magnum x5 sprayer, it’s not going to take you long to paint the entire shed.

Just make sure it’s prepared before you start painting. You’ll need to wash it with a pressure washer to remove the debris and scrape off flaky old paint. Once it’s dry, you’ll be ready to go.

Cover It In Nice PlantsSpruce Up Your Old Garden Shed

Even if you don’t have too many plants in your garden, it’s nice to cover your shed with nice ones. Attach a few hanging baskets to the exterior walls. You can lay plant pots on the ground if there isn’t any soil.

You’ll be able to grow a wide variety of plants inside your baskets and pots, and you’ll be able to mix things up when you’re more experienced. You could also grow honeysuckle and climbing roses on your shed walls.

Replacing Broken Windows

Some people won’t want to spend money on windows for their garden shed. It’s usually because they only go inside to grab tools, which makes sense. Why bother trying to keep the cold air out if you don’t spend time in there?

It’s still worth it if you have some money lying around. Try to find a cheap second-hand window at the very least. It will improve the appearance of your shed, plus it will stop your tools from getting soaking wet.

Collect Water With Gutters

If you attach a gutter to the shed, you’ll be able to collect rainwater. Not only will your shed look more attractive, but you’ll be saving the environment. You’ll be able to use everything you collect to water your plants.

Make sure the waterfalls into a nice rain barrel with a wooden finish. Don’t use one of the big plastic barrels. You should be able to attach everything yourself because it’s basic versus guttering on a house.

Do Something With The Roof

Don’t skip out on the roof just because it’s not easy to see. There are still a few things you’ll be able to do. If your roof has shingles, it’s easy to replace old ones. If some are missing, you’ll need new ones anyway.

If your roof has enough structural support, it’s possible to grow a green roof. It’s only really worth it if your shed is big enough. If you take a chair up, you can sit on the roof when the weather is nice.

Spruce Up Your Old Garden Shed: You Still Need A Shed

Everyone needs a shed in their garden, so it’s not worth throwing it away. Just follow these tips to bring your old one back to life.

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