Considerations to Make Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

Written By Alla Levin
March 01, 2022
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Considerations to Make Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

The desktop remains a popular choice for most PC gamers, but it does not have the portability of a laptop. When it comes to selecting a gaming laptop, knowing where to start can be complicated. Various components such as display, form factor, and battery life must be considered. A gaming laptop for 2500 dollars with all the essential features is a good start.

Gaming laptops are comparatively more expensive than regular laptops, and hence it’s essential to know what you need before buying one. Countless laptop brands boast unique features, making finalizing your perfect laptop a problematic process. To experience smooth and high-definition gaming, you need to know what a gaming laptop needs to have.

Requirements of a gaming computer: GPU & CPU

Most of the games still use the GPU, so you have to consider this when buying a gaming notebook. CPU and GPU performance determines the overall performance of your gaming laptop. A minimum of an Intel Core-i7 10th or 11th Generation processor is recommended. You can even look for an i9 processor if you have the budget. Depending on the kind of games you want to play, you may need anywhere between 8GB and 32 GB of GPU.

Remember, most motherboards come with multiple GPU slots, so you can always upgrade your GPU capacity in the future. However, changing your processor may not be as easy, and only very few (expensive) ones have that feature.

RAMBefore Buying a Gaming Laptop

Gaming can be very demanding on your machine’s RAM, so you’ll have to consider whether you can upgrade it in the future. Ideally, you should buy a gaming laptop with 16GB of RAM capacity at a minimum.


There are various display configurations available for gaming laptops. Currently, most displays have a 1080p (Full HD) resolution but support higher refresh rates such as 144Hz, 240Hz, and even 360Hz. These high refresh rate panels will require a good GPU as well. However, for an exceptional experience, you must consider purchasing laptops with 2K, 4K, or even 8K video display capabilities.

Cooling system

Overheating can cause various laptop problems, including throttling of processors and damage to components. Therefore, a proper cooling system is a must in a gaming laptop for 2500. It will prevent game lagging and other issues.


It must have at least a backlight if you are investing $2500 in a laptop. Most gaming laptops have backlit keyboards, and some even come with customizable RGB lighting. A gaming laptop should also come with an easy-to-use keyboard if you need to do basic word processing. The ideal keyboard should be easy to type on and durable enough to withstand multiple taps and constant gaming.

Buying a Gaming Laptop: Battery life

As a gamer, you might assume that you can plug the laptop in the whole time you’re playing. However, the entire point of choosing a computer over a desktop is the portability, so if you have to plug it in every time you want to play, it will defeat the whole purpose. Therefore, you may want a laptop that can last a few hours on a full battery.

Buying a gaming laptop that will last a few years should be your top priority. You should get a high-end GPU if you can afford it, although obviously, a better card will give you better performance. Additionally, some components can be upgraded in the future (RAM, GPU), while others can’t (CPU, Display, Battery), so make sure you don’t compromise on the irreplaceable ones.

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