10 Best Kodi Addons For Kids

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2022

10 Best Kodi Addons For Kids

Are you searching for exciting and kid-friendly Kodi addons? In this article, you can find the best Kodi Addons to create a personalized kids zone.

Kodi, an award-winning open-source software media player, provides a hub of entertainment for digital media streaming devices and Home theatre PCs. It provides a library of free and limitless video content to users of Firestick, Apple Devices, and Android Boxes.

It’s super easy to install the Kodi App on your Amazon Fire Stick. To get the most out of Kodi, you need to have addons for your desired content category. Here, we have gathered details of the 10 best Kodi addons for kids:

Skim Through The List Of Top Kids’ Add-ons For Kodi Or Deep Dive Into Our Guide

  1. Venom
  2. Thomas and Friends
  3. The Crew
  4. Disney+
  5. The Oath
  6. PBS Kids
  7. YouTube Kids
  8. Kids Club
  9. Morpheus
  10. The Magic Dragon

VenomBest Kodi Addons For Kids

Venom is the latest new addon that offers top speed, seamless functionalities and advanced integrations. It’s simple to use and lets you unlock a huge collection of popular kids’ streaming channels. Venom uses Lambda scrapers and offers an uninterrupted streaming experience. Its library of content provides a variety of sources. It’s best to try out first.

Thomas and FriendsThomas and Friends

Thomas and Friends cartoons are an all-time favourite kids’ cartoons. The story-centric episodes and engaging graphics give good hours of entertainment and helpful lessons. So, if your child loves Thomas the Tank Engine and its cheerful friends you must get this Addon for Kodi.

However, you may not find one complete episode, but a series of short compilations of clips. Overall, it ensures a good streaming time and can keep your child fully involved.

The Crewbest kodi addons for kids

The Crew Addon for Kodi is considered the best one for its sleek interface, promising functionality, and speed. It’s compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and also offers the top sports channels from all across the world.

According to VPNcheck.org, The Crew covers most genres, from Kids channels to sports, stand-up comedy to the latest movies and series. However, the addon offers content in English and you need to get a subtitle addon to change the language of the subtitles.


From the iconic fairytale movies to the CGI-animation, Disney+ has a lot to offer to kids. Its exciting library never fails to grab the attention of its viewers. With the Disney+ Addon for Kodi, you can unbox many interesting movies, TVshows, and captivating video content.

So, whether your kids want to relive the fun of The Toy movies or you are eager to take a nostalgic trip, you can surely find great content on Disney+. Its addon offers great speed, and an interactive interface adding ease and convenience for its users.

The OathThe Oath

The Oath is next on our list. It’s yet another great addon for Kodi and is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix. It has a huge library of channels, TVshows, and Kid-friendly video content. It’s simple to use and offers speedy buffering and loading speed. You can have quality time streaming videos with this addon.

PBS KidsPBS Kids

PBS Kids addon for Kodi comes with a huge library of over 40 renowned kid’s TV shows. Unlike other add-ons, it offers high-definition video streaming quality. Each TV show offers four episodes giving a daily dose of fun.

The best feature of PBS Kids is its diversity of content. It offers a variety of shows and age-appropriate content. So, whether you have an infant to cheer up or a toddler to amuse, you’ll find what you are looking for with ease. However, you need to connect to any virtual private network as it offers content only in America.

YouTube KidsYouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a library full of exciting kids’ channels. It offers meaningful content with thousands of videos safe for streaming. You can install the addon and check out the top-rated channels including Sesame Street or TVOKids. No matter where you are streaming, it allows you to tap into cultural content with enticing graphics. You can watch episodes or even explore interesting TV Shows. Moreover, it has content for kids of all ages.

Kids ClubKids Club

Kids Club, developed by the Falcon Repository team, provides a rich source of entertainment. It offers kids’ movies, TV shows, family movies, and a lot more. You can enjoy uncountable playable links. Its library is full of renowned studios and productions including Warner Bros movies, Walt Disney, Marvel movies, and Pixar movies. Moreover, it uncovers an incredible library of high-quality films with filtered categorization.

Morpheusbest kodi addons for kids

Morpheus comes first on the list if you are looking for an addon with the simplest interface. Its user-centric interface lets you explore its huge library and functionalities. The addon has a hub of engaging video content from the best anime series to stand-up comedy to interesting kids’ TV shows. It’s super-fast and seamless to use plus the high-quality video content will engross your kids completely giving them hours of excitement.

The Magic DragonThe Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is compatible with Kodi 18. Its enormous library lets you stream through the finest TV shows for never-ending entertainment. Over the years, it has become one of the favorite addons for Kodi. Its effective scrappers and regular updates provide an uninterrupted streaming experience. You can watch movies, documentaries, sports-related videos, or popular cartoon series.

Wrap Up

Apart from these add-ons, you can explore Aliunde, Diamond Shadow, Revolution, and many more. And while there are many Kodi addons out there, these ones are the safest and best for Kids channels. You will certainly find enough content to keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

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