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Beautiful Ways to Remember Your Dog after They have Passed

Few things are more heartbreaking than the death of a beloved pet. Nothing can prepare you for this devastating loss, even when it was anticipated. Pet owners want to remember their beloved canines in the best way possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of nice ways to celebrate their lives, from customized jewelry to pillows and handmade quilts. Could you have a look at our top suggestions?

Pet Pillow

Designed to display an image of your dog, a custom pet pillow can be a cuddly companion to remind you of him or her. You can take them when traveling, so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up.

Customized pet pillows are excellent as throw pillows for the living room, guest room, or bedroom and are a perfect family bond and good memories. Soft and filled with ample stuffing, they guarantee endless hours of cozy cuddling. When you contact your merchant of choice, send them the highest quality image of your dog you have to ensure the perfect result.

Photo BlanketPhoto Blanket

Like our first choice, a photo blanket with a picture of your dog will be a pleasant and comfortable reminder of your beautiful relationship. If you can’t sew, you can order a collage blanket. All you need to do is select the border and the photos you’d like depicted on the blanket.

Custom Jewelry

Printing an image of your dog or their paw onto an elegant bracelet or necklace is a unique, touching, and creative way to celebrate their legacy. Numerous designers on Etsy and Pinterest offer bespoke jewelry.

Like the ideas listed above, you can upload your favorite image of your pet or their paw, and the artist will engrave it onto your jewelry. They can add your dog’s name, too. Likewise, you can have a laser-printed necklace with an image of your cute nose. This is a quicker and more affordable alternative.

Some companies can transform your pet’s ashes into lab-created diamonds using carbon heated to high temperatures. Typically, you can also choose the diamond’s color, cut, and size.

Memory Quilt

You can use a collection of your best pet pics to create a handmade memory quilt. If there isn’t a good local sewing business near you, you can also order your quilt online. Many companies can create custom memory quilts and add a special saying, date, and your dog’s name.

Memory Box

It’s easy and inexpensive to make your own memory box. Just gather all the items that remind you of your dog in one place, such as blankets, toys, photographs, and other keepsakes. Then, put the box away in a safe place and revisit it whenever you want.

Do-It-Yourself Pawprint

Most craft stores sell DIY kits. This is a creative way to keep your beloved dog’s memory alive. There are many different ways to make ornaments with your dog’s paw print – you can make a tile to hang on the wall, as well as a picture or a stepping stone.

Make a Photo Album

Everyone takes photos digitally today, and physical albums have become almost obsolete. However, buying a traditional photo album to place your favorite pictures of your dog can be a touching way to remember them and their presence in your life. You can decorate the album with labels, stickers, and other memorable objects that remind you of your dog. Looking through a photo album can bring you joy and help you remember the fun you had together.

Make a Memorial

Finally, you can create a memorial outdoors. This is a more traditional but very touching way to breathe life into your late dog’s legacy. It can be something as simple as etching their name onto a wooden park bench or a headstone in your garden. It will be a permanent memento that will honor their presence in your life.

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