5 Post-Pandemic Investment Strategies That Promise High Return

Written By Alla Levin
March 16, 2022

5 Post-Pandemic Investment Strategies That Promise High Return

The global economy is still trying to recover from the pandemic crisis. In a post-pandemic environment, the recovery process faces challenges. However, financial advisers are confident we will continue to see growth despite the current Russia-Ukraine war. 

So, to quote Benjamin Graham’s wise words, “Successful investing is about managing risks, not avoiding them.” It’s now time for experienced investors to raise their risk tolerance and invest in smart strategies. 

Real estate investment

Residential real estate investments are among the most advantageous positions for investors. Indeed, despite inflation, house prices are not increasing as fast as rent prices, which means real estate investors have a unique opportunity for profitable passive investment. If you are looking at turning your property investment portfolio into a full-size venture, it might be worth considering creating a real estate investor website that can get your leads through the door. 

Environmental, social, and governance investmentPost-Pandemic Investment Strategies

Biden administration is openly pro-ESG, enabling regulators to develop advantageous environmental, social, and government investment options. As investors are becoming more conscious of where they put their money, ESG sends a solid signal to the market.

The trend for more transparency, sustainability, and social support continues to grow in the business world. Indeed, the market responds positively to companies that run their business on ESG grounds, which inevitably profits investors too. 

Healthcare investment

We owe it to the pandemic to bring the pharmaceutical sector to the attention of investors. Companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca have made a name for themselves and boosted the profits of early investors. Yet the COVID-19 vaccine is only one of a solid healthcare portfolio pendants.

Healthcare technology to support the aging population, chronic illness, and disabilities are constantly evolving thanks to the integration of AI, IoT, and even machine learning. Waiting too long could mean missing out on high returns and the compound effect for investors. 

Whiskey investmentWhiskey investment

It can seem strange to consider whiskey investments. However, the value of rare whiskey has increased dramatically, over 560% in the past decade, according to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index. In easier terms, it’s the equivalent of a yearly return of approximately 18.9% over the last ten years. With some casks going for as much as $1.1 million, it’s worth adding rare whiskey to your portfolio. 

Gold investment

When everything is uncertain, gold offers a safety net for investors worried about burning their capital through a wrong decision. Indeed, gold has preserved its value throughout many inflation and financial crises, making it a stable choice for new investors. Gold even protects you from value loss as it doesn’t depreciate and doesn’t respond to inflation. 

Post-pandemic Investment Strategies: Commodities investment

2021 has been a year of unexpected high trades for some commodities such as soybeans, copper, and pigs. Commodities make up for a highly cyclical investment portfolio; they rise and are in high demand before eventually crashing, as happened after the 2008 recession.

Analysts warn that commodities are about to enter a super cycle, with raw materials such as lithium and copper to play an active role in the transition to a green energy economy. Now’s the best time to invest! There can be no investment profit with several risks. However, these five post-pandemic strategies offer a unique advantage: They are unlikely to fluctuate dramatically and crash for the time being. 

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