3 More Things To Try To Manifest Easier Rent Payments

Written By Alla Levin
March 16, 2022

3 More Things To Try To Manifest Easier Rent Payments

Not every professional has recovered from the pandemic instability. It can still be difficult for self-employed professionals to bring back enough money to pay the rent every month. Combined with the increase in living costs, you could put your housing situation at risk

We’ve reviewed options to cut back on your everyday expenses in a previous article, such as reducing unnecessary costs. Avoiding eating out, for instance, could help you save plenty at the end of the month. If you can negotiate a payment plan with your landlord, you could get enough financial room to fall back on your feet.

Indeed, sometimes, economic issues may still be the aftermath of the pandemic low. You could still be bringing enough money every month, but it’s not enough to pay off the pandemic debt and your rent simultaneously. Borrowing money could also help remove the debt burden and start with a clean slate. 

Yet, there’s much more you could do to make your rent more affordable. 

Promote your services as a self-employed professional

The easiest way to increase your income is to consider bringing more clients through the door. Solo entrepreneurs and self-employed experts can suffer from new competition in a post-pandemic environment. Indeed, many professionals who were left with no job during the pandemic have turned to self-employment.

So, if you find it hard to receive the same level of online attention as you used to before COVID-19, it might be time to reach out to an internet marketing agency to discuss SEO strategies. Building a suitable presence that gets you noticed by potential clients starts with boosting your online rankings. Search engine optimization is an organic strategy that makes your website more accessible for search engines and increases visibility. 

Find a remote position that works for youFind a remote position that works for you

As a general rule of thumb, the average remote worker’s income is $4,000 higher than an office worker. More and more companies across the U.S. are offering remote-only positions to secure new talent. Now is the best opportunity for self-employed individuals to obtain regular wages and job security by joining a company. 

Does being employed by a company mean you have to stop your self-employment hustle? The answer depends entirely on the agreement you have with the business. You can even join as a contractor rather than an employee, which means you have more control over your time off and other professional activities outside of the office work. 

Easier rent payments: reconsider your rental situation

If the rent remains too high for your income, it might indicate that you need to move out. Rents are rising sharply across the U.S. In some cities, the rent averages a 40% increase, which should be a valid reason to move out. Sometimes, moving outside of a big city can help bring your rent down without downsizing.

As rents are rising faster than house prices, many tenants are now facing an impossible challenge: Settle down with a mortgage or face higher living costs. In the long term, becoming a homeowner could prove to be the “cheaper” option. 

The combined pressure of the post-pandemic aftermath and the rent increase can make it challenging for self-employed individuals and solo entrepreneurs to face their living costs without considering new career options or housing choices. 

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