Microsoft Project Vs Bridgit Bench
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Microsoft Project Vs Bridgit Bench, Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to choosing the right construction management software, project managers tend to choose Microsoft Project. However, you must be aware of the shortcomings of this tool from Microsoft. While Microsoft continues to be a successful brand, this software fails to cater to specific requirements of project managers.

This prompts leading construction firms to switch to a Microsoft Project alternative, such as Bridgit Bench. In case you are not familiar with this tool, it’s time to explore the amazing features it offers. The developers have come up with this app with customized features for project managers. Check out some of the alternatives to the Microsoft Project in this article:

Why Should Construction Project Managers Look Beyond MS Project?

While MS Project is a popular solution in the construction sector, it is not free from flaws. Moreover, the software lacks some features that construction professionals would dedicatedly need. In case you have already been using Microsoft, it would be nudging you to purchase the entire MS 365 suite. Financially, this might be inconvenient for you.

Moreover, the project management software from Microsoft is not AEC-specific. Your construction professionals would require specific features like resource management in the software to streamline their daily operations.

Walking in the shoes of a construction project manager, it makes sense to evaluate the limitations and strengths of the software you would be using. Considering the several constraints of using MS Project, it makes sense to switch to Bridgit Bench.

Microsoft project vs Bridgit Bench: What Is Bridgit Bench?What Is Bridgit Bench

Bridgit is a dedicated workforce intelligence software developed for the construction industry. This software helps project managers optimize their profits by organizing their internal processes. The people-first approach of this tool helps construction professionals to mitigate associated risks.

In the construction sector, small mistakes can amount to significant financial overhauls. With this powerful software, you can make data-driven and intelligent decisions based on relevant insights. Besides, Bridgit Bench would help you retain talent and grow your venture in style. As a construction professional, you must transform your operations digitally. Backed by Bridgit Bench, you can adopt a predictive stance to compete better in the industry.

Microsoft Project Vs. Bridgit Bench: Why Bridgit Bench Suits Construction Professionals

Here is a comparison of the two software to assist you in making a more informed decision.

Target audience

Microsoft Project lacks a focused approach while targeting its audience. Businesses across industries, students, and even families can use MS Project. This implies that the software doesn’t have specific features for construction project managers.

On the other hand, Bridgit Bench has been developed, considering the needs of leading construction professionals and contractors. Here are some of the dedicated features of Bridgit Bench, that make it a better tool than MS Project.

  • Contractor management;
  • Project management;
  • Subcontractor management;
  • Document management;
  • Tracking construction projects;
  • Making estimates;
  • Exporting and importing data;
  • Working on projections;
  • Seamless mobile access.

Unique features of Bridgit BenchUnique features of Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench has proven to be a powerful platform for resource planning for the construction industry. Considering the versatile nature of this sector, business firms need fully configurable tools to streamline different departments. These include bidding, accounting, scheduling, resource allocation, and other domains.

This Microsoft Project alternative comes with some dedicated features for this sector, and project managers can significantly streamline their significant operations. Some features of Bridgit Bench help contractors minimize project risk and save time.

Global construction firms are switching to this software, as the tool can spearhead their workforce management, helping them with insights to develop more competitive teams. The analytical insights that the software generates are realistic and actionable. As a result, firms can optimize their capacity planning with balanced workloads.

Here are some of the features of the Bridgit Bench that make it ideal for construction professionals.

  • Allocation dashboards;
  • Expandable Project Gantt;
  • Updates in real-time;
  • Forecasting dashboards;
  • Reports and analytics;
  • Intelligent allocation suggestions;
  • Better user interface.

User-friendliness and tracking system

Project managers need a robust tool to track their projects in the construction sector. Bridgit Bench has a powerful tracking system that updates the managers on the project’s status on their handsets. Moreover, they can evaluate employee profiles through a user-friendly design. With this tool, you would have a comprehensive insight into your business in real-time.

Currently, construction firms that are already using the system appreciate the customer service of Bridgit Bench. The developers are open to users’ suggestions and incorporate customized features to streamline their operations further. MS Project, on the other hand, hardly offers such on-demand segments to contractors.

Microsoft project vs Bridgit Bench: Support and trainingMicrosoft project vs Bridgit Bench

How about using a dedicated project management software that offers necessary support and training to construction professionals? While MS Project serves a generic audience, construction managers need something specific to leverage their operations. Bridgit Bench offers live training to its users, as well as a database of webinars, videos, and documentation to count on.

Construction managers can readily reach out to the help desk or shoot an email for any kind of support. Moreover, you would enjoy the support and knowledge base from a healthy community and forum. Phone and chat support would also be available round the clock.

Why Go For Bridgit Bench?

Considering the features that the developers of Bridgit Bench have particularly integrated for construction professionals, it would be logical to use the software. You can establish seamless coordination between your officials and on-site teams with easy collaboration. The competitive pricing further makes it a better option than Microsoft Project.

Bridgit Bench is dedicated software for construction professionals, loaded with features that professionals specific to the industry would need. Weighing all these perks against those MS Project offers, it makes sense to switch to the software.


Forward-thinking business leaders in the construction sector are already moving to Bridgit Bench. The faster you embrace this specialized software for project management, the more productive your operations will be. Once you check out the pricing, you can make a seamless switch to this Microsoft Project alternative. With competition soaring, it would be wise to have an excellent construction management tool at your disposal.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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