How to Become a Travel Writer in 9 Simple Steps

Written By Alla Levin
July 25, 2020

Travel, Write, Earn a Living! How to Become a Travel Writer in 9 Simple Steps

Travel, write, and earn a living? Yes, please!

Find out how to become a travel writer & make money while you live out your dream!

Though travel isn’t as widespread in America as it is in other nations, most people do express an interest in going places.

85% of Americans say that they like to see and experience new things, and 60% have some specific destinations in mind that they want to visit.

Work and money are generally what holds them back.

Work doesn’t need to get in the way of your travels- in fact, they can go hand in hand!

Read on to learn how to become a travel writer so that you can be paid for experiencing the world.

Have a Thirst for AdventureHave a Thirst for Adventure

In order to become a travel writer, you must love experiencing new things and going out of your comfort zone.

You’ll be moving around a lot for your job, so make sure that you’re the type of person who’s okay with uprooting themselves to go to a new location often.

For many people, this is an amazing fit! If you’re adventurous and don’t like mundanity and routine, this is definitely the perfect job for you.

Plus, you don’t need to sacrifice talking to friends and family.

Video chatting’s got you covered!

Do Your Research

If you want to be a travel blogger, there’s no better way to get ideas for your work than to look at what others have done.

Look at the websites of experienced travel bloggers so that you can get a feel of what works and what doesn’t.

Make sure that you take notes during this process.

You also will want to take notes on what platforms other travel writers accept payment through.

This will make sure that you can start making money off your writing ASAP.

Decide on Your First Travel DestinationsDecide on Your First Travel Destinations

Once you know the basics of travel blogging, it’s time to get to the fun part and choose places that you most want to visit!

Pick diverse places that are interesting to you.

Cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Tehran, Shanghai, and Tokyo are great for those who love urban settings and want to talk to lots of different people.

If you’re more into a rural experience, try heading to the coast of Spain, the Brazilian rainforests, or Welsh towns like Abergavenny.

Set Up a Blog

The next thing that you need to do is set up a way for people to follow you. This means creating an awesome travel blog!

While you could make your own blog on a platform of your own creation, there are various templates online that you can choose from.

You can make these temples your own comment so don’t worry about them not being unique enough for you!

On these templates, you can choose color schemes, images, and fonts that you personally like.

You can also upload various visual content so that people can see for themselves what you’ve been up to while on your adventures.

Create a Way to Get PaidCreate a Way to Get Paid

The main way that you’re going to get paid as a travel writer is from your blog’s fans and subscribers.

You’ll want to provide exclusive perks to those that pay for a membership with your blog.

To keep track of the money you make, check out this check stub maker free online software.

Make Posts Friendly and Fun to Read

One of the most important aspects of running a travel blog is to make it simple and easy to read.

You want to engage the people that visit your page, not scare them away with long sentences and paragraphs.

This means that you want to speak as if you’re talking to another person.

Picture your readers as your friend is and write about the things that you think will interest them!

When you do this, you are sure to get people more interested in your travels and to likely to follow you.

This will lead to more subscribers and more money to fund your future travels.

Use Pictures and Videos

Did you know that people engage with visual content on social media more than they do with text content? Well, it’s true!

By including an image or a video with your text, you are ensuring that viewers will be captivated from the moment they click on your page.

This is sure to boost viewer engagement and have more people interested in your blog.

Since most people only stay on a page for 8 seconds before deciding whether or not they want to leave, it’s critical about you make people see your blog is interesting within that time frame.

As long as you do this comet your travel log is sure to be more successful and get more comments likes and shares.

Register on Travel Writer WebsitesRegister on Travel Writer Websites

In order to get the most outreach with your travel blog, you’ll want to register with websites that draw adventurous individuals together.

These websites not only will add you to a list of blogs that people can subscribe to but will also give you the latest tips and tricks on how to write amazing posts:


Never Give Up

As with any career in writing, a travel writer’s job is filled with ups and downs.

Sometimes, you’ll feel as though your blog posts are amazing enough that they encourage people to take on the world.

Other times, though, you’ll struggle. You’ll question whether or not your dreams are worth it. Remember that they definitely are.

By traveling and blogging, engaging and interacting, and staying strong through the lows… you’re making a difference.

Become a Travel Writer TodayBecome a Travel Writer Today

There are many different occupations that you’re sure to enjoy, but none are near as fulfilling as making your way around the world, engaging with different cultures, and writing about your experiences.

Now that you know how to become a travel writer, it’s time to get a jump-start on your new career.

Check out the ‘travel’ tab on our home page to get some ideas of where you should head off to on your first adventure.

There are so many countries and cities that are just waiting to be explored, so hop to it!

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