4 Backyard Space Design Errors That Most People Make

Written By Alla Levin
March 23, 2022

4 Backyard Space Design Errors That Most People Make

Many households take pleasure in designing outdoor spaces, with 86% of US homes having access to one. Admittedly, some get it right, but others, not so much.

A backyard space can be decorated to the homeowner’s preferences. However, it is important to follow basic guidelines to make it homey and inviting. Below is a list of things people usually get wrong.

Inappropriate furniture use

If you just bought a new house or recently moved into a property with a backyard, you may be excited to add your personal touch to it. Before you begin, however, you should take the time to learn about furniture. The type you choose for your indoor space is sharply different from furniture purposely designed for the backyard area.

The tables and seats you place outside are better when resistant to the weather’s vagaries. The combination of moisture and heat can quickly damage furniture not meant for the outdoors.

Additionally, it helps when the furniture kept in your outdoors are heavy enough to avoid being blown away by the wind. More importantly, a better option would be to find easy-to-maintain outdoor furniture. Apart from the visual appeal of your outdoor furniture, having multi-functional pieces is also a good idea. For example, an outdoor love seat that doubles as an outdoor storage piece will serve a better purpose.

Poorly positioned barbecue grillPoorly positioned barbecue grill

A poorly positioned barbecue grill can mar the aesthetic of your beautiful backyard. First of all, it is wrong to place them close to windows and doors. Because these grills operate using the open fire system, you may want to have safety at the back of your mind. If yours is a portable grill like those from BBQGuys, it is easy to set them up conveniently and away from the house. On the other hand, if it is a fixed barbecue stand built into an outdoor kitchen, you may want to rearrange your furniture away from it.

Not enough shade or none at all

Indeed, your backyard space serves a specific purpose when it’s open and not shaded. However, it will be impossible to spend time there in the warm summer months. Although the summer months are great for tanning, nobody likes to endure the blistering heat. Backyard umbrellas may not be ideal for providing ample shade. On the other hand, a gazebo can serve a better purpose than an umbrella.

Backyard space design errors: an overcrowded backyard

Maybe you’re fortunate to have an expansive backyard at home. However, in your bid to design it, you did too much. For example, too many patio furnishings can take away from the overall effect you wanted to create. It probably looks like a garage sale when everything is everywhere. An overcrowded backyard leaves little room for ample space.

The secret to designing a backyard, regardless of its size, is to have a plan for it. To achieve this, you will have to ask some questions. For example, what do you intend to use the space for? Do not forget to create a healthy balance in your backyard, whatever the answer is.

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