How Can You Be “The Right Kind” Of Productive Person?

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2022

How Can You Be “The Right Kind” Of Productive Person?

When it comes to advice aimed at helping us in our careers, allowing us to grow professionally, or even taking a risky step such as launching our own business, our competence and willingness to work are already presumed. That’s more than fair enough.

But it can sometimes be that those who wish to do well struggle to do so due to a range of factors. These factors might not even be as internal and specific as you imagine. During two years of an international pandemic and the requirement of working at home, many people found themselves struggling to do their allotted tasks and then keep themselves in a functional state of mind.

It’s true that in order to succeed and compete, especially in today’s world, we need to be as robust as possible. That can be tough for some people to achieve, however, or rather, some people may find themselves believing that they simply do not have the makeup to properly apply this advice going forward.

So – how can you be the right kind of productive person, and what does that even mean? Let’s consider that, below:

Being Able To Identify Your Weaknesses

The worst thing you can do as a professional person is thinking that you’re perfect. We’ve all met the kind of managers who seem to think that they can do no wrong, and even if they did, it would be somehow defensible as part of the larger picture.

No, being able to identify your weaknesses is where the real potential lies because that effort helps us become familiar with what we need to improve on, such as how to speak to a team, how to speak in public, or perhaps how to manage our time more readily. If you focus on that, all of a sudden your competence raises like nothing before, and we can defer to the professionals when we need to without arrogance.

Productive Person: Knowing Your Priorities & PrinciplesProductive Person

It’s important to know what your priorities and principles are in life. Sometimes, additional support through hypnotherapy services could be key, or writing down your goals in your journal semi-regularly could help.

These two considerations are what help us gain self-respect and a sense of personal understanding – knowing where we are, what we’re here to do, what we will and will not tolerate from others including ourselves, and how we can move forward. It’s this power that allows you to apply for a promotion, or even say “no” to a boss when you really need to. 

Making Your Own, Thoroughly Informed Decisions

It’s important to be the kind of person who can rely on their own judgement from time to time. This means taking a healthy interest in your industry, the company you work for, or the market you’re trying to appeal to. It also means learning from those decisions, be they right or wrong, and having the courage to risk either one.

This way, you become someone who takes responsibility when this is needed. With this advice, we hope you can become the ‘right kind’ of a productive person going forward.

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