Four new things to do outside work.

Written By Alla Levin
March 21, 2018

Four new things to do outside work.

It’s sometimes easy to forget the crucial work-life balance. Many people are working long hours these days, with what feels like little free time to enjoy life away from the office. But it’s important to make time for other interests so that you get a well-rounded routine going, which fulfills all sorts of personal needs That can mean starting up some new hobbies. Need some inspiration? Here are four things you could take up outside work.

A new sport

Sport can be a great way to relieve stress from work and to get yourself in shape at the same time. After all, any activity is good for the mind and body! Saying you’re going to take up a new sport is easier said than done. However, add in some incentives, and it might make it a bit more seductive.Sport can be a great way to relieve stress

When we’re talking about incentives, it’s things like making the sport a sociable thing. You could go to a club with a group of colleagues from work, or friends away from the office. Play together and then enjoy a meal or drink after. This way you turn the sport into something more than just getting hot and sweaty!

An evening class

If you’d like to make the most of some of your evenings during the week, have a look around for a class at your local college. You could study something maybe once or twice a week, for two hours at a time. It could be anything from French lessons to flower arranging. There’s bound to be something on offer that gets you interested. Go online and search for what’s available locally to you and check the course start dates.An evening class

If you’re looking for something a bit less formal than a college course, you could always check out what’s going on in your community, at the local meeting center for example. There may be a fitness class or other club held there regularly. You get to meet other people from where you live then too.

Take to the skies

Fancy yourself as an aviator? Then why not consider taking up private flying lessons as the ultimate hobby. You’ll need to dedicate at least two hours a week to your studies and practice if you want to pick up a license fairly quickly. It’s a fair amount of work, but the challenges and satisfaction levels can be very rewarding. Check out your local airfields for schools offering lessons and see what financing options are available. You could have your student pilot certificate in no time!Pilot Certifications


If you want to keep your feet on the ground, then why not use some of your time outside of work to do some volunteering? There are so many charities out there that are constantly welcoming people to help out. That could be with fundraising, technical support or public relations. The opportunities are plentiful. As well as helping a good cause, you also get some great experience to put on your resume. Have a look around at your local charitable organizations.

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