Building a Backyard Paradise: Can a Pool Increase Home Value?

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2022

Building a Backyard Paradise: Can a Pool Increase Home Value?

Swimming is the 5th most popular activity in the United States, and almost everyone loves to get in a pool. There are millions of homes in the United States with pools in the backyard. There are three common types of collections in use: above-ground, inground, and hot tubs.

When you have one installed or set up yourself, you may wonder if it increases home value. Let’s break down whether or not a pool will increase the value of your home and why that happens.

Types of Pool

Of the three main types of pool, the most common is the above-ground pool. This pool is often purchased at a big-box retailer and set up in the backyard. They are great for taking a dip and cooling off on hot summer days but often lack the space and depth for true swimming activities.

The other type of swimming pool you may encounter is the in-ground pool. They are more expensive than above-ground pools and require more commitment in terms of maintenance. However, whereas many above-ground pools only last for a few years, an in-ground pool can last for decades with proper maintenance.

This includes keeping the structure and water clean, covering it when not in use, and even things like replacing the liner every so often with the help of a company like Lazy Day Pools (who have plenty of options for liners that you can see here

Hot tubs are great to have around and are often used for relaxing on chilly nights. Athletes also use them to help relax muscles and in spas for other health benefits. They aren’t actual pools, though, as no one swims in a hot tub, so we won’t cover them any further.

Pools That Increase Home ValuePools That Increase Home Value

If you want to see an increased home value because of a pool, you need to look into in-ground pools. These are permanent structures dug into the ground and then poured with concrete, and they can also be tiled. They will last a long time and come with various swimming pool maintenance costs. Look into average pool depth and other considerations before settling on an in-ground pool.

A good in-ground pool can increase the value of a home by as much as 7%, or even higher in some places. This is because people who live in hot climates, such as Texas, Arizona, or Florida, are often looking for pools in their homes. This can also increase the speed with which your home sells.

Above-ground pools don’t contribute anything to a home’s inherent value because they are temporary structures. Even if you engage in constant maintenance, time and the elements will wear down even the best above-ground swimming pool. Even the act of setting them up and taking them down can cause damage.

Due to this temporary nature, don’t expect an above-ground pool to draw much attention unless it is also tied in with a deck or other structure that will last longer. You won’t get anywhere close to the return on your investment that you’ll get with an in-ground pool.

The Pool For You

Above-ground pools aren’t going to increase home value, but they are nice to have. To get the increase in value, return on investment and an excellent and enjoyable backyard, go with an inground pool. If this article was helpful, please take a moment and check out our website for more information.

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