The Basic Principles Of Interior Design

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2022

The Basic Principles Of Interior Design

Whether you are looking to elevate the interior design of your home or your office space, it is essential to get the basics right. The main elements of your interior will say a lot about your space, and if you get it wrong, it can hinder the entire look of your property. Therefore, here are the main basic principles of interior design, which are essential to get right to make your final result perfect every time. 


Although many might assume that the decor and colors on the walls are the essential elements of a room, it is the flooring that can make or break a space. The walls are much easier to change. Hence, getting the flooring right will save you time, money, and stress.

Using the right flooring and carpet can make or break your room. For instance, if you want your floor to match and compliment the rest of your interior, you will choose something pretty neutral. Opting for a lighter color can make a space appear brighter. Likewise, darker colors will close the area in and can sometimes make it feel smaller. 

Wall decor and colorsflooring and carpet

Next up, you will want to focus on your walls. You might be someone that loves color and, therefore, feel that decorating your walls with big and loud colors will satisfy your needs. However, you might get bored of specific colors over time and have to spend a lot of time changing them. Hence, if you choose neutral and minimal colors and patterns, they will likely last longer. 

Choosing neutral colors for the walls means that you can choose more vibrant and bold decorative pieces for your space, which is ideal for those who like color. If you want to go big and bold with your walls, it might work to use color on a feature wall instead of all four. This will be much easier to change and won’t overcrowd the room with too much color. 


As well as painting the walls, you can, of course, paint the ceiling too. Painting the ceiling with white paint is pretty common and the best option. This is as white will open up the space and complement any colors you choose for the walls. 

Furthermore, if you want to make your ceilings unique and more decorative, then you can add lines and shapes. Traditional ceilings boast designs yet modern ones are often plain. Therefore, it is possible to add or remove the design on your ceiling, depending on your interior taste. 

Furnishing arrangements

After decorating the space, the next step will be to add furniture. When doing so, it is important to choose usable and purposeful pieces. Otherwise, you will overcrowd the space and not have enough room for freedom. 

Likewise, it is a good idea to arrange the furniture well when adding the furniture. For instance, ensuring to face the seating in the living room towards a window will ensure that you get enough natural light when using it during the daytime. Small changes to how you arrange your furniture can make a huge difference to the space.

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