Does Modem Affect Internet Speed?

Written By Alla Levin
March 29, 2022

Does Your Modem Affect Your Internet Speed?

When we talk about internet speed, Internet Providers we cannot miss discussing a modem. A modem plays a vital role in many components related to Network and Internet speed.

It is a hardware component that can modulate and demodulate analog signals from a telephone connection or network cable into digital data that a computer, Laptop, or other devices like a router can recognize.

When it comes to the speed of your network, distinct reasons impact the speed of the internet connection. The latest tech site Tech Nab says that Modems do affect the rate of internet speed. Let us see what those factors are, and, in the end, you will conclude whether Modems are also one among them in affecting the speed of your Internet.

Does Modem Affect Your Internet Speed?

Your overall internet connection speed may slow down depending upon the capabilities and performances of every network component. Modems are not the deciding factor in which speed your internet connection will be. There might be because of a wiring fault, due to a bad router, or even because of malware and virus that can slow down the internet speed.

Before finding the answer to the question, Does Your Modem Affect Your Internet Speed? It is wise to look at the performances of each component individually or the other factors that can slow down your internet speed before we decide it is because of a modem; a modem will not affect internet speed directly, but it can contribute to a slower internet speed. Hence, it is mandatory to know the other factors, which affect your internet speeds and they are:

Internet PackageDoes Modem Affect Your Internet Speed

The package you have opted for from the internet service provider (ISP) plays a significant role in internet speeds. Whichever the company is your ISP, it determines your internet speed based on the technology it possesses.

Technologies using network cables are faster than the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and these DSLs are faster than dial-up connections. Even some ISPs offer high-speed network connections for their customers with an additional package fee.


Suppose your network is not directly connected to the modem but is connected via routers which helps multiple devices access the split signals from the modem. In that case, it might be the next notable factor affecting internet speeds. The reason is, despite the ISP or the modem providing a high-speed connection, and if the router does not support the high-speed connections, you will face slow internet speed.


The other key factor is your outdated old network cards. The fastest internet speed of your network can be attained to its maximum potential only if your system or device supports the network cards. Having outdated, old network cards do not support high-speed connections; despite your network having the fastest router and a modem from a top ISP, everything goes in vain.

Now, let us see how your Modem affects your Internet Speed.


The bandwidth speed of your modem is the primary factor, which lowers your internet speed. For instance, if your modem has a bandwidth speed of 200 Mbps and your ISP has a maximum speed of 500 Mbps. Then only two hundred Mbps on par with your modem’s bandwidth can pass through your router.

On the other hand, if your modem has a bandwidth of 800 Mbps which is more than the maximum speed of 500 Mbps from your ISP, and in this case, the internet speed as provided by your ISP is not restricted or limited. An ideal modem will inherit a higher data ability than that of the total connection speed provided by your ISP.

Faulty Modem

Usually, the internet service provider (ISP) will periodically raise their throttle speed for uploading and downloading. The modem which is used with your internet connection has an absolute impact on the internet speed since the modems are distinguished based on the maximum speeds that can support.

If an older or outdated modem is on a high-speed ISP connection, invariably you can connect to the internet web but full speed as per the plan provided by ISP cannot be reached. You will face a lag in internet browsing resulting in slow internet speed.

How To Check Your Modem’s Speed?How To Check Your Modem’s Speed

While fixing your internet speed, start finding the answer to the question, “Does Your Modem Affect Your Internet Speed?” It is equally important to check your modem speed.

If you’re wondering ‘how to test my internet speed‘, you can follow the steps below to start a speed test and find out other relevant details of your modem.

  • Open a browser and go to the site “;”
  • Click the “Go;”
  • The speed test will measure the connection’s maximum speed, along with its fastness in uploading and downloading, with the help of nearby test servers.

Once the testing has been completed, the test results will be displayed with complete details of the modem, including its make and model, maximum speed, and capacity. The critical aspect of running a speed test is that the site will indicate whether any issue exists in the modem or whether the modem is the main reason for the low internet speed.

When To Replace Your Modem And What Are The Advantages?

Apart from a few issues such as connecting issues, often dropping of speed and due to which facing lagging during browsing, frequent restart or resetting of modem, and modems running with overheat, it is suggested to replace your modem with a newer one every two to three years, which is particularly important.

Points To Be Considered Before Changing Your ModemPoints To Be Considered Before Changing Your Modem

To ensure the uninterrupted optimal, and smooth functioning of your modem, below are a few points to be considered before replacing your modem.

  • Not to opt for the single device in a combo pack with both modem-router as a single unit, which is called a Wi-fi gateway. Since this Wi-fi gateway is more complex and needs to approach the service providers every time for any help and cannot fix even any small issue by yourself without calling the service team;
  • Do not use your internet service providers to rent a modem and router. Comparatively, considering its monthly rent, it is cheaper to buy your modem and router;
  • Ensure that the new modem is compatible with your internet data connection, whether it is a cable or fiber connection;
  • Always go for a High-Speed modem;
  • Further, consider your current internet plan and the available speed available for that plan from your ISP. This will help you to buy what type of new modem will suit you.

Does your modem affect internet speed: conclusion?

Considering all the above points, we can quickly answer the question, “Does Your Modem Affect Your Internet Speed?” and the answer is “Yes, it does. A modem can contribute to a slower internet speed. And at the same time, a modem cannot increase the speed more than its capacity and above the speed limit provided by your ISP.” 

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