Technology has Changed How People Cook
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Ways in Which Technology has Changed How People Cook

Technology encompasses our everyday lives in so many ways. In fact, people take much of it for granted. The smartphone in your pocket, your tablet for gaming, the laptop on your desk. Smart devices such as Alexa are becoming so common that they don’t seem that impressive anymore. Nevertheless, all these technological advances have improved many areas of life in many ways. One other area in which technology has helped to simplify life is in the kitchen.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global kitchen appliance industry was worth $159 billion in 2019. With the advent of smart appliances, this market is very likely to grow rapidly. It isn’t just appliances that have helped more people than ever to cook, there are some other ways that technology has aided them.

How has technology helped and changed the way people cook?

You only need to spend a few minutes on social media to see that the way people view food now has changed. A couple of decades ago, you would probably never have seen anyone taking a photo of their food in a restaurant. Now though, the internet is full of snaps of restaurant dishes that have been posted on Instagram.

But it isn’t just eating out that has changed. More people are interested in home cooking than they have been for a while. And part of that is due to technology making cooking simpler, and more interesting in some ways. Here are a few ways that technology has helped and changed the way people cook, or the recipes they choose.

The internet has opened the world’s cuisine to everyoneon Cooking School Dropout

Whether it is through blogs, videos, or social media, there are recipes from around the world all over the internet. You can find recipes for air fryer roasted tomatoes on Cooking School Dropout, or search Google for an authentic Thai curry recipe. Cookery blogs are numerous on the net, and their content is extremely varied. Anyone who is keen on learning to cook can find the simplest recipes to follow.

Mobile applications guide home cooks

It isn’t just websites that are aiding home cooking. There are mobile apps that can help too. In the past, if you wanted to know what to cook you might scour through a recipe book. Now though, you can reverse engineer your dishes. Instead of leafing through the pages of a cookery book for inspiration, you can select a recipe finder app. These simple but useful apps take the ingredients that you enter and then recommend dishes that you can make with them.

Television and streaming channels have inspired

Since the advent of the celebrity chef, television has gone mad with cookery programs. Although television itself isn’t a new technology, it has become a platform for cooking shows, competitions, and travel-food video blogs.

If you can’t cook then there are ways to get started, and inspired. One source of inspiration is cookery shows. Many people tune into Masterchef and become inspired to start cooking.

Gadgets and appliances have made life easieron Cooking School Dropout

Perhaps the biggest single change to the way people cook has come through some of the gadgets and appliances on the market today. Coffee machines and blenders have allowed people to make perfect brews and smoothies. But two other appliances have really changed kitchens across America, and in many other countries too. The air fryer and the Instant Pot were both successful quickly, but even after ten years, their popularity continues. 

Finances Online list the most expensive kitchen appliances you can buy, including a La Cornue Rotisserie for $10,000. However, when it comes to an appliance that is easy to use, and affordable, the air fryer and Instant Pot are in a world of their own. Energy-efficient, time-saving, and so easy to use, any newcomer to cooking can enjoy them. Multi-Cookers can be preset, and WiFi enables the appliance to show recipes to the user.

Smart technology is becoming the norm

While the two appliances above are extremely useful, and the Instant Pot can come wifi-enabled, there is even smarter technology around. One of the secrets of successful kitchen remodeling is planning the layout correctly and choosing the right appliances.

There are now smart convection ovens that will make sure your food is evenly cooked every time. And, fridges that will help you to organize your shopping list. One fridge from Samsung will tell you what your food inventory is, and what is running low. While this doesn’t change the way you will cook, it certainly will change how your time is spent in the kitchen.


From coffee makers that produce the perfect brew every time, to talking fridges that connect to the internet. The methods for cooking and preparing food are changing. Now, anyone who wants to try making a dish can simply look online for the recipe.

They can Google where to find the ingredients, or even order them online. Then they can put them all in a multi-cooker and leave it to do the hard work. Technology is making cookery simpler, faster, and more energy-efficient. Now it is time to see what might happen next in this area.

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