Dropshipping Products Filtering: 15 Impressive Ideas 2023

Written By Sophia Loren is an SEO specialist at dsers.com.
March 30, 2022

Dropshipping Products Filtering: 15 Impressive Ideas 2023

Dropshipping has become more and more popular recently. With this selling method, you can start to make money whenever and wherever you want without much budget and even for free. However, first, you should choose which suitable dropshipping products to begin with. Read this post to explore them now!

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable in 2023?

With many benefits, I have to say that dropshipping is still a worthwhile method to earn money in 2022. It allows people to get unlimited commissions without any budget.

Plus, you do not need to worry about inventory or how to deliver the items to buyers. Your responsibility is to upload the products and receive the order. Then, the supplier whom you have contracted will do the rest of the selling process. 

Besides, the number of users searching for products in eCommerce has increased significantly these days. For instance, AliExpress, one of the biggest dropshipping platforms, reaches up to 20 million website visitors daily. This number demonstrates that dropshipping is a great option for you to increase your income this year and in the future.

How to Choose the Right Products for Dropshipping?How to Choose the Right Products for Dropshipping

There are so many choices for you to start with dropshipping, so they can make sellers, especially newbies confused about making a decision. But, do not worry because I am here to assist you! Keep reading this part to learn how to select the right products.

Step 1: Make Research

You should search for the latest trends in products before making a decision. Selling trend items is a good option to start with due to the high concentration of customers. 

A tip for you: see more feedback from customers on these trending items to understand their value. It will help you easily select the supplier to work with. I suggest you access Google Trends to research best-selling or current trending products.

Step 2: Consider Options And Suggestions

After research, I believe you will find at least 2 or 3 items under consideration. You should be very careful to ensure that you have chosen a potential product for your store. 

If you feel confused, you can find more information about these products. A good tip: ask people around you how they feel about these items. The item that the majority of people prefer will be what you need.

Step 3: Make A Trial To Learn More About the Product

One of the most important factors that make you successful with an item is your inspiration. When you sell your favorite thing, you will pay the most attention to it and it will be easy to persuade customers to buy it. 

Therefore, you should buy that product from another store to have a trial. In that way, it will help you increase your inspiration as well as understand the item’s value. 

Step 4: Learn More Information About Dropshipping Products Policies

Not all items are ideal for the dropshipping method. You should know that some products are not suitable or even “bad” with this selling method.

  • Dangerous products: cutlery, kitchen knives, or flammable products;
  • Fragile items and electronic devices are also not good options because you cannot ensure the quality of the packing and delivery process of your supplier to customers;
  • Items that belong to or have images of other brands, including shirts, electronic devices, etc. It will be difficult to compete with that brand’s stores;
  • Heavy products are also on this list. With a heavy item, the delivery cost will be higher, and it makes the customer consider purchasing. 

You should avoid the products above to earn income from dropshipping without complaints or disputes. Instead, choose products with unique and attractive designs, such as no-brand sweaters or jeans. 

Step 5: Select A Good SupplierSelect A Good Supplier

The supplier, known as your companion during your money-making process,  is responsible for preparing the order and ensuring it is delivered to the customers on time.

When you work with a feasible dropshipping supplier, you can be assured of product quality and customer service. If there is any problem, they will work with you to solve it instead of letting you face the problem alone. 

Step 6: Prepare A Strategy

Now we have a final decision, right? This is the stage of marketing strategies. You can create a proper strategy to increase your sales revenue depending on your product. You can share your product on social media to reach more customers.

Another suggestion for you is to advertise on Facebook or Tik Tok. Furthermore, remember always to pick lovely photos of items and do not “exaggerate” the use of the product.

Top 15 Dropshipping Products Worth Trying 2022

I will introduce you 15 best dropshipping products here. You can check them and get the one you want to sell!

  • Face mask

Face masks are always on the “bestseller” list because of their usage. It helps us protect our health when hanging out. Therefore, it is an ideal option to sell at all times. Face masks with many designs are on sale with free shipping on AliExpress. 

  • Air Purifiers

The second thing worth trying is air purifiers. This item helps us to remove pollutants and bring fresh air into our houses and workplaces. You can try to sell them because of their popularity and usefulness. 

  • Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have become more and more popular recently due to their convenience. The producer even designs it into accessories that buyers can use to combine with their fashionable clothes. 

  • Water Bottle

A water bottle is a “must-have” item in the bags of many people. So, you should give it your best selling consideration. 

  • Oil-free Fryers

With the demand for eating without fattening substances, buyers tend to own an oil-free fryer in their kitchen. This item allows us to fry all food without using cooking oil. 

  • Portable Blenders

When buying, people will prefer compact items to things that come with many parts. And of course, a strong portable blender is definitely what they need. 

  • Electric Kettles

With electric kettles, people will have to waste their time getting a cup of coffee every morning. It has simple mechanics and does its job very quickly.

  • Phone or Tablet Cases

Online stores that sell unique phone and tablet cases often receive a large number of orders daily. The mobile phone case market is predicted to reach a value of 35.81 billion in 2028. An amazing number, right? 

  • Tote Bags

Lovely tote bags will help your store attract a large number of customers, especially students. Many dropshipping suppliers provide nice tote bags that you can select to sell. 

  • Sleepwear

The majority of people like comfortable sleepwear, including silk pajamas, onesies, and so on. Choose them to sell and do not forget to decorate your store to be cozy. 

  • Scrunchies

Back in the 90s, women and girls were “crazy” with attractive scrunchies. Try to sell them and receive many orders!

  • Yoga Mats

Dropshipping products like yoga mats are easy-to-sell items. It has low overhead and is very useful for people’s exercise. 

  • Essential Oil

There are many types of oil you can add to your dropshipping store. I highly recommend you check out tea tree and peppermint oils for sale. 

  • Curtains

Items that can be used for house decoration usually grab a lot of attention from buyers. Whether they are decorative or simple curtains, they are a great selling option for you.

  • Bedding

Nice beddings go well with curtains. You should provide them with a lively category with unique designs and colors. 

Begin to Earn More Money Today With DSers!dropshipping products

Do you still find it difficult to choose dropshipping products for your online dropshipping store? I believe you don’t! After selecting potential products, you can use DSers as a tool to automate your dropshipping business and earn more money.

DSers also provides a free version with many functions that other platforms do not have, such as bulk orders, auto-sync tracking numbers, etc. Moreover, DSers own a blog with a lot of useful information and tips for salesmen to learn. I hope you succeed!

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