Woofin’ Around: A Brief Guide to the Pros and Cons of Pet Doors

Written By Alla Levin
April 02, 2022

Woofin’ Around: A Brief Guide to the Pros and Cons of Pet Doors

Are you nervous about getting your dog or cat a pet door? Read on to learn about the various pros and cons of pet doors. While every dog is different, it is recommended that they spend at least 30 minutes outdoors every day. There are also many benefits to letting your feline friend outside. Even though letting your pet outside is essential, you may find it to be a slightly annoying responsibility to let your pet in and out all day long.

Pet doors are a great option for those tired of getting up a hundred times a day for every scratch at the door. Curious to learn more about cat or doggie doors? Read on to find the pros and cons of pet doors.

Pet Door Pros

Concerned about your busy schedule, your pet’s health, and convenience? Cat or dog doors are a great option for the following reasons.


Pet doors are convenient for not only you but your pet too! They have the freedom to choose when to use the bathroom, play, or explore. You won’t have to let them in and out again and again.

That said, you’ll want to ensure your dog door maintenance is up to date. This is nothing major, just check to ensure the seal is still tight, especially in the winter months, and that the structural stability is still intact with the screws.

Burning Off EnergyBurning Off Energy

Buring off energy and getting in the appropriate amount of exercise is incredibly important to an animal’s health. In the United States, over half of all cats and dogs are overweight or obese. With a pet door, they have more opportunities to get the necessary exercise.

Busy Schedule

For anyone who works outside of the home or has a family, you’ll understand the guilt of leaving your pet at home all day. It’s also likely that you have to make time to go home and let your pet out. When it comes to the pros and cons of doggie doors, this one is extremely beneficial. You won’t have to worry about making a mad dash home so that your pet doesn’t go to the bathroom on your living room floor.

Pet Door Cons

Of course, there are both pros and cons of dog doors. When installing a pet door, there are some risks that you would be taking such as the following.

Pest Control

Pretty much all pet doors will have the option to lock the door at night or whenever you feel. But anytime that it is unlocked, pests can also make their way into your home. This includes snakes, raccoons, rodents, and other stray animals.


If you have a large dog, then the door may be big enough to make your home more prone to burglaries. Be sure to try to make the door as inconspicuous as possible.

In addition, leaving your animal outside alone puts them at risk. They could be stolen or run into other dangers.

The Down-Low on Pet Doors

These are just a few of the pros and cons of pet doors. Pet doors can be convenient, good for your pet, and optimal for your life. However, they can let in critters and put your pet at a higher risk. Do the benefits outweigh the downfalls for you? Did you find this article helpful? Check out our other great content!

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