How To Show Your Pets That You Love Them

Written By Alla Levin
December 14, 2020
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How To Show Pets That You Love Them

Successfully creating a bond with your pets might be one of the best feelings in the world. After spending time and money to take care of them, you’d naturally expect the pets to feel your love as well. But showing your pets that you love them can be tricky sometimes. Some pets are more aloof and less affectionate than others.

For any owner, nothing makes you more overjoyed than seeing your fur babies enjoying life to the fullest. However, some pets such as cats and dogs can easily display their joy, while goldfish or hamsters are less expressive. You can’t really tell if they’re truly happy or not.

Thus, these are a few easy ways to let your pets know that you really care. It’s more important that you know you’re trying your best to make them happy, after all.

Buy your pet healthy treats and toys

Nothing will excite your little friend more than a good treat and a toy that they have fun playing with. These gifts show your pet that you love them and work great as motivation for them to behave and be more affectionate.

If you’re training your pet to do tricks, remember to give them treats if they successfully perform the act. They will learn to show desirable behaviors and listen to your command more attentively if you reward them often. This is because your pet can feel your love when you give them what they like, and they’ll try to receive love again and again.

However, make sure that you don’t overfeed your pet as it may cause multiple health problems. Besides, too many toys in the house can also clutter your living space.

How To Show Pets That You Love Them: Get Them a New Bed

There are always newer pet beds being released, and they’ll come with more benefits than the previous ones. A comfortable sleep means a happy, loving pet.

If you don’t have a dog or cat, how about upgrading their enclosure – such as a fish tank and a birdcage – into a bigger, prettier one? Your pet will now feel so happy that they have more space to play and sleep.

Wear matching outfits

There are plenty of ways to show love for your pet to other people, and this is probably the best one. Not only do you both look cute and stylish, other people can immediately tell that you’re the pet’s owner also.

Other than matching costumes for occasions such as Halloween or big holidays, you can wear paired clothing with your beloved companion any day of the year. You can buy them online or make the outfits yourself, depending on the clothing designs’ availability.

For example, you can get some fashionable Hawaiian shirts or hoodies for yourself, and it’ll be easy to find a matching one for the pet. But for styles that are harder to find, you might need to make the clothes yourself. But all effort will be worth it when you see how cute and happy both you and your pet are in the new outfits.

Provide regular exercise

Besides letting your pet play with their toys, you should also give them thorough exercises to keep the pet happy.

Taking your dog on a walk regularly will make him more well-behaved and joyful. On the other hand, if you have home-bound pets such as cats or hamsters, provide them with running wheels and obstacle courses. There are different ways to get different pets to work out, so you might need to research.

Bring them on your trips

After staying at home most of the time, your pet would be thrilled to be able to explore the outdoors. Skip the usual parks and walking routes – treat them to a fun trip to the beach, mountain, or the woods. Your pet will have the chance to enjoy the fresh air and all the exciting things happening in nature.

A trip like this will surely be refreshing for both you and your animal. You can check out some tips for traveling with a pet in advance so that you can be the most prepared.

How To Show Pets That You Love Them: Get a shirt with your pet printed on

Another cute way to show your pet how much you love them is by having their image with you anywhere, more specifically on your T-shirt. There are plenty of animal T-shirt designs for you to choose from.

It’s so simple – all you need to do is choose a favorite picture of your pet. It can be an acute, naughty, or funny moment depending on your choice. What’s important is that the best memory of your lovely companion will be with you wherever you go. You can also brag to your friends or acquaintances about your cute pet!

Spend time to play and cuddle with your petcuddle with your pet

Nothing strengthens the bond between you and your pet more than spending a lot of time together. With you present by their side, your pet will feel both loved and secured.

When you’re together, there are many activities you can do to enhance the trust and love between the two of you. You can teach them new tricks, use the toys to play with them, or give them pets. Your pet would also love to be groomed and cleaned.

When you both are tired from exercising and want some peaceful time together, why not cuddle with them and watch a movie?

The answer to the question, “does my pet know that I love them?” is actually quite simple. If you enjoy your time together – whether it’s playing, learning new tricks, or taking a nap together, the bond between you two is already getting stronger. One way or another, they’ll show you affection as well. Therefore, you can rest assured that your pet will certainly know how much you care for them.

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