5 Common Mistakes Made By Marketing Companies

Written By Alla Levin
April 05, 2022

5 Common Mistakes Made By Marketing Companies

Is your marketing company making these mistakes? If so, it could be time to correct them. Below are 5 of the most common marketing mistakes and what you can do to put them right.

Attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades company

There are so many different marketing services that you can offer clients from social media marketing to SEO. A lot of marketing companies try to provide it all for the convenience of clients. However, this requires being an expert in a range of fields, as well as having all the right tools. In most cases, you’ll end up stretching your talents and resources thin, so that every service you offer is minimal.  

It’s much better to focus on developing expertise in one or two specific niches. This allows you to much more easily master than trying to master ten different services. You can still provide a range of services by considering outsourced services like white label SEO. In turn, certain companies may even be able to outsource your services, giving you another source of business.

Outsourcing too much to other companies

While most marketing companies can benefit from outsourcing services, there can be drawbacks to outsourcing too much. You have to pay for every service you outsource – if you’re outsourcing loads of services, you could end up paying overly high fees. Unless you set your prices very high, you could struggle to make a profit.

Work out how much you can realistically spend each month on outsourcing. It’s best to focus on outsourcing your greatest weaknesses.

Forgetting to establish your own USPmistakes made by marketing companies

As a marketing company, you may have helped many clients to find and nurture their USP. But what about your own USP? Is there a clear element of your brand that is unique, or are you just doing what all your competitors are doing?

It’s worth conducting some competitor research to see what you can do to stand out. There may be a niche service that you are able to focus on such as Facebook marketing or animated explainer videos. Alternatively, there could be a certain type of client that you have become skilled at handling such as restaurants or dentists. 

Not having a clear pricing strategy

When providing clients with quotes, make sure that you’re not simply guessing how much you should be charging. You could be drastically underpricing your services, and losing out on potential income. Alternatively, you could risk overpricing your services, causing you to lose customers.

Developing a clear pricing strategy involves researching what other companies are charging. Some marketing companies find it easier to create set pricing plans that can be advertised to clients, while others may prefer to set personalized quotes – in the latter case, make sure that you’re still following a system. 

Mistakes made by marketing companies: making promises to clients that you can’t keep

You should be very careful of what you promise clients. Don’t tell a client that you can get them on the first page of Google or that you can build thousands of new social media followers unless you can guarantee it – fail to deliver on your promises and clients will be disappointed (leading to poor reviews and possibly even lawsuits). It’s particularly important to avoid putting promises in writing as they can be easily referred back to. Focus on telling customers what you can do rather than what you may achieve. 

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