Simple Do’s & Don’ts Of Displaying (And Preserving) Old Travel Photos

Written By Alla Levin
April 12, 2022

Simple Do’s & Don’ts Of Displaying (And Preserving) Old Travel Photos

In hectic, modern life, sometimes we may neglect to preserve the memories of our travels. But preserving those memories is important not just for ourselves but also for others to enjoy them.

If you currently have a box of old photos sitting in your attic or basement from family trips to the Caribbean or Italy, we have some tips for you that will help preserve these memories.

Beyond preventing them from getting ripped or dipping, there are some simple ways to display these pictures so that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

The thought of traveling somewhere or doing something different can be overwhelming. If you are thinking about taking pictures during that time, consider a few simple do’s and don’ts to preserve the memories for the future.

Why is it important to preserve our travel photos?Old Travel Photos

There are many reasons why preserving our travel photos is important. You may want to share your favorite travel idea with others or look back on your past adventures.

Or, maybe you just want to remember where you went for that special vacation or where you came from for that one-of-a-kind experience. You can also use these memories as inspiration to plan a future trip.

The future value increases over time if you take good care of items like these. A photo taken today may not be as valuable as a photo was taken twenty years ago. That is why you should consistently keep an eye on your treasures to ensure they are in good condition.

If you have old family photographs – especially ones from vacations – you might want to read this article before it’s too late!

We’ve compiled the best ways for you to display your travels, preserve them, and make sure that your kids get those precious memories when they grow up. Here are our top do’s and don’ts of displaying (and preserving) old travel photos:

  • DO – Display them in a safe place. Storing your photos in a fireproof cabinet is the most effective way to store your memories for the long term but it doesn’t mean that you can simply throw them away when you’re done. Instead, keep them safe in a more permanent storage unit for another time.
  • DO – Have control over the display. You don’t need to bury your travel photos in an album if you don’t want to. Instead, you can easily choose how they are displayed. For example, if you want your photos displayed so that they don’t get ripped or ruined, simply frame them and display them. If you prefer having the photos out of their original containers, have fun with it and stick with frames (for example) or other media (e.g. photo corners).
  • DO – Label your containers. Whether you decide to place photos in an album, display them or archive them for safekeeping, it’s essential to have a label that lets you identify what’s inside. This means that when the time comes to remove photos from their containers, you won’t accidentally take the wrong thing. It also means giving yourself someplace to store other things when you don’t need the space a dedicated photo container takes up (e.g., using an empty scrapbook album).
  • DO – Keep a supply of good slide covers. Slide covers are an inexpensive way to ensure your photos don’t become fade over time. The slide covers can also keep dust and other things from harming the pictures. Given that you can find slide cover cases for less than $9, a good supply costs little to buy and much less to maintain.
  • DO – Encourage sharing. If you want to get others involved with caring for your memories, you could have family members or friends take out and display the photos at the designated time, such as birthdays or holidays.
  • DON’T – Keep valuable memories in a single container. This is a perfect example of when you don’t want to keep all of your eggs in one basket. If your photos are important, it doesn’t hurt to keep a couple out at any time. Keep them in an album, display them, or put them away in a safe place but don’t rely on one container that can easily be ripped or broken into. When you have multiple things to choose from, you won’t have to worry about the whole collection being destroyed at once.
  • DON’T – Use a display case if you’re at all unsure. It may be tempting to keep your old photos in a display case and not risk damaging them or losing them, but it’s far better to be wrong on the side of caution. This way, if something happens (like another family member accidentally damaging the memory), you won’t have to worry about replacing the photo collection with expensive replacements.
  • DON’T – Forget about the back of your photos. The backs of your photos can be just as special as the front. Indeed, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, it can help to check out both sides of your photos.

ConclusionOld Travel Photos

The last thing that we like to stress is that if you have any old photographs that you once took on a trip, you’d be remiss not to preserve them. You can keep them anywhere you would like your family home, office, or storage facility.

The essential thing is to take care of your photo collection. By following the tips said above, you can experience the thrill of a lifetime and hang on to memories for years to come!

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