5 Cool Apps To Teach Your Kids About Oral Hygiene

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2022

5 Cool Apps To Teach Your Kids About Oral Hygiene

Kids master smartphones and tablets before they start school nowadays. Everything they learn will come from technology in the future, so it’s worth starting now. I’m sure you want your child to have great teeth when they grow up.

You should download a few great apps that will teach them about oral hygiene. They’ll probably listen to an electronic device more than they’ll listen to you. Here are some dental apps to get you started this weekend.

My Bright Smile

I bet your child doesn’t enjoy going to the dentist. If you go to Maple Dental Health family dentists could still scare them, but your child will be more prepared if they know what kind of tools dentists use.

My Bright Smile is packed with five games designed to teach children about dental clinics, why flossing is important, and why they should stay away from sugary snacks. It’s got sliding puzzles to solve and tricky mazes to escape from.

Disney Magic TimerMaple Dental Health family dentists

Disney has been getting a lot of controversial press in recent weeks, but kids still love the characters. When your child uses the app, they can choose from multiple characters that will help them brush for longer.

During an experiment, 90% of children brushed for longer than usual while using the app, so it’s been proven to work. Characters become clearer on-screen as the clock counts down, turning brushing into a competitive game.


Brusheez is another kids dentistry app that helps your child brush their teeth for longer, but it’s got different features. A character will brush their teeth at the same time, so they’ll be able to learn new skills.

If your child starts dancing along to the music with their little monster friends, they’ll never complain about brushing their teeth again. Make sure they press the screen to pause the timer if they take a break.

The Brush DJ

The Brush DJ app is a perfect solution once your child is too old to dance with monsters. It will choose a random song from a playlist that lasts a few minutes while they brush their teeth, plus the visual display shows where to brush.

Expect your child to ask for a new toothbrush more often because the app will tell them when it needs to be replaced. You probably won’t forget to make them brush their teeth, but the app will also send daily reminders.

Colgate Magik

Do you want to know how your child is progressing when they start brushing on their own? The Colgate Magik app will be able to tell you. Once you have the information, you’ll know exactly how to improve their habits.

Once you connect the Colgate toothbrush to the app, your kid will be able to play lots of augmented reality games, plus they’ll be able to claim rewards. The app has been gamified because it makes brushing more fun.

A Great Way To Learn

If you want your child to spend less time at the dentist when they’re older, let them learn about oral health using these great apps.

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