5 Cool Technological Innovations Changing The Dental Industry

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2022
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5 Cool Technological Innovations Changing The Dental Industry

Do you remember visiting dark and dingy dental clinics a few decades ago? Luckily, going to the dentist today is a lot more enjoyable. It’s partly thanks to the advancements in technology we’ve seen over the years.

Fewer people will need dentures when they’re older because they’re losing fewer teeth, so you should count yourself lucky. Here are some of the best tech innovations that will help you retain your bright smile a lot longer.

Orthodontic Gadgets

You should turn to Invisalign, invisible braces if you want to straighten your teeth. It’s a great invention because it’s hard to know someone is wearing aligners, which wasn’t the case with older braces.

Can you remember any kids in school who had metal teeth? That’s what it looked like for a few years while they wore the braces. It would have been a nightmare, but people don’t need to worry about straightening their teeth today.

Teledentistry Appointmentsdental industry

People take dentists for granted, which isn’t hard when there are hundreds in your local area. In some places, it’s tough to get an appointment. What if someone lives too far away to visit the dentist regularly?

Teledentistry is becoming extremely popular because it lets patients speak to a dentist through the screen. It’s still crucial to visit in person if something is wrong, but it will save people time and money.

Smart Toothbrushes

I bet you have a couple of smart devices inside your home but are you using a smart toothbrush yet? You probably don’t brush for as long as you should right now, but a smart toothbrush will keep you entertained for minutes.

It will also give you feedback on the way you’re brushing, which is good considering poor technique is a common occurrence. Some can even sense plaque building up on your teeth, so you’ll know there is a problem.

Laser Dental Surgery

The best Vaughan dentistry clinic used to carry out gum contouring procedures with a scalpel but mentioned everything is done with a laser now. It’s great because it can cut tissue away within seconds.

In the future, everyone expects to see cavities being removed with a laser. How will you feel when the dental drill is retired for good? Even though it’s not a reality at the moment, it’s only a few short years away.

Advanced Digital Imaging

Have you ever looked closely at a dental x-ray? It’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on, even if you’re a great dentist. You won’t be able to see small cracks because they won’t show up on a traditional x-ray.

You’ll be able to see almost anything using advanced digital imaging, including things like changes in oral tissue. If your dentist has a better idea of what’s going on, you’ll get the treatment you need straight away.

Dental Industry: Don’t Be Scared Of The Dentist

Maybe you were scared of the dentist as a child, but you don’t need to be afraid anymore. Technology means visiting the dentist is a hundred times more enjoyable.

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