Social Media Marketing with Influencers

Written By Alla Levin
April 19, 2022
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15 Reasons to Work with Influencers on Social Media Marketing and How They Do It

Social media has become one of the burning advertising channels today. Popular social media platforms have become a new thing in terms of advertising.

Many issues are on the marketing agenda hit now: the role of social media marketing in advertising, consumers’ attitudes towards social media ads, how to find an organic target audience, creative social media content, and the social media influencers.

One question on everyone’s mind is whether it is long-term or short-term to use social media through celebrities and advertise on them.

Come on, we are in a postmodern world. We live in the moment and want to be overwhelmed with innovations, changes, news, technology and dive into the flow of information. We are the information society.

So yes! It is important to remember social media marketing can sometimes be short-term. Still, you can do effective work! Influencers are the people who will help you best in this digital world.

Social Media Marketing with Influencers: Here Are 15 ReasonsSocial Media Marketing with Influencers

why you should work with influencers while doing social media marketing!

  1. There is almost no marketing campaign that you cannot achieve with the interaction power of Influencers;
  2. They communicate in a specific language with their organic followers;
  3. You can make collaboration on everything with influencers. Just think of these: from technology to fashion, from cosmetics to food, from education to tourism, and so on;
  4. With the help of social media tools, influencers can reach millions of social media users at once! Everything on social media is banded to a Share button. Let the algorithms do the rest;
  5. With a word-of-mouth effect, no one doesn’t hear you;
  6. They become the face of your brand;
  7. Influencers are seen as opinion leaders in purchasing decisions;
  8. Followers love to follow them;
  9. Increases your potential customer’s loyalty to your brand just by showing they use your brand too;
  10. You can make big impacts with small budgets;
  11. Organic followers of influencers can become your regular customers;
  12. The trust-based relationship between the followers of the influencers also increases the trust in your brand;
  13. They increase your brand awareness and accessibility;
  14. Influencers take your brand line to higher levels;
  15. Followers of the influencers you collaborate with Increase your sales rates;

This is how you can manage a perfect campaign with social media influencers!

What more could a business want?

You decided to do social media marketing, and also decided to work with influencers. OKAY, but then what?

Wondering how influencers do social media marketing?

Here are the advertising strategies that influencers use to take your brand to the next level by doing social media marketing.

Explicit advertising practices

It consists of sharing all kinds of information about the advertised product or service as much as possible on the page.

  • Making it visible

In the case of such advertisements, the advertised product is not only presented within the image but also described with a piece of information about the product given in the comment section as possible. These links allow users to easily access the page of that brand.

  • Association

In these advertisements, the advertised product or service is provided by showing that the advertiser consumes or benefits from it. Thus, the advertisement is associated with the person. When it comes to advertising food or clothing, celebrities appear to consume these products.

Hidden advertising practicesSocial Media Marketing with Influencers

It consists of concealing certain types of information that clearly show the product or service and only the product itself is highlighted.

  • Zooming

In these advertisements, all information about the product is hidden in the images and only the product or product logo is highlighted, thus drawing the attention of the users to a single point. Users are expected to know which brand the product and whose logo appears on.

  • Tagging

Tagging is the type of advertisement made to show the name of the product without easily focusing on it. It consists of placing the product name anywhere in the image by using the Tag tool. Rather than showing a product step by step, the functionality of the tagging method is used.

Common practices in explicit and covert advertising

  • Spread over time

It is the sharing of images containing advertisements at certain intervals. This kind of strategy is one of the methods used in traditional advertising. These contents are interspersed with ad-free content.

  • Naturalization

It is to present the advertisement in a natural flow. In this context, advertisements are presented neither in the form of a booklet nor in a band format. The place of the ad in the compositional structure may differ according to the place in the advertising strategies of an app.

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