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7 Benefits of Implementing Pre-construction Software

A pre-construction software is designed to enable property developers and contractors to quantify, estimate and bid on a project. This type of software is often designed with several features that give contractors a holistic view of the entire project, including risks and how to eliminate them. Pre-construction software is important to the construction industry because it is one of the most collaborative industries in the world. A good example is working on a megaproject with more than 1,000 different teams.

Some of the main players involved in a construction project are engineers, plumbers, architects, electricians, contractors, and project managers. Keep in mind that these leading players will work with subcontractors who hire laborers. Therefore, it is crucial to have a platform that enables all these players to collaborate effectively and sign off on projects.

A good pre-construction platform should use real-time data instead of historical data to make predictions about the viability of a project. This software is AI-powered and simulates possible project outcomes to reduce risk as a project is being planned.

How to implement a pre-construction software

  • Identify pain points

Once you buy the software, you need to know how to implement it. The best way to do this is to identify actual problems your construction company faces. The first thing you need to know is your pain points and clearly understand what you would like the software to do for your business.

  • Involve all decision-makers

Another vital step to take while implementing this software is ensuring that all relevant personnel is involved. This should include project managers, contractors, and subcontractors. In a nutshell, all senior decision-makers should be involved.

  • Introduce it to your employees

When you buy the software, expect resistance from people who might feel it is either a risk to their work or a burden. Take time to sell the software and its importance to your organization.

  • Be patient

Implementing pre-construction software takes time. Contrary to popular belief, it will not bring change immediately. Therefore, you will need to put baselines in place to measure the platform’s efficacy.

Benefits of implementing pre-construction softwareBenefits of implementing pre-construction software

It makes management easier

This is especially so if you are working on multiple projects with hundreds of contractors and subcontractors. A good pre-construction software should use a systematic approach to identify management challenges and streamline processes. The software makes management easier because project managers can submit business documents and proposals and keep track of them in one place. Project managers and consultants can easily share files, project the budget, and discuss accounting shortfalls.

Scheduling becomes easier

Construction scheduling is the process of listing activities based on timelines and assigning them to responsible parties. This may sound easy, but if you consider that a mega construction project involves thousands of different team members, you quickly realize how time-consuming it is.

Using pre-construction software, this entire process is automated, saving time and increasing efficiency. Schedule applications can send real-time alerts to team members. Because all members are involved, the application holds everyone responsible, increasing accountability.

It safely stores your documents

In the past, construction companies stored thousands of documents in a filing cabinet and spent hours trying to retrieve them for reference. Some of these documents include blueprints, contracts, and bills of quantities, just to name a few. These days, however, we have what we call a document management system.

This means that your documents can be securely stored online and accessed by different people based on set security protocols.

CRM capabilitiesCRM capabilities

A customer relationship management platform makes it easy for different team members to collaborate on projects and share documents, emails, and messages. This simplifies the management of all these interactions, increasing efficiency. Contractors can communicate with subcontractors using the platform and even assign milestones, increasing accountability.

Accounting systems for risk control

An integrated accounting system enables construction companies to understand the business better. At the same time, you can identify risks associated with the project, lower operational costs, and immediately deal with project pitfalls as they arise. In addition, the system also eliminates double entry errors.

Financial reporting capabilities

Another benefit of some types of pre-construction software is that it has a financial reporting tool that lets property developers keep track of the company’s financial position using an intuitive dashboard that is easy to understand. Through the dashboard, you will be able to create daily or weekly reports and have them automatically sent to stakeholders. The financial reporting tool enables you to maintain a positive cash flow balance and factor in risks associated with your business.

Increases your brand

Using pre-construction software to create construction plans can help general contractors win bids for projects and increase their brand equity. Compared to your competitors, your presentation will be more holistic and technology-driven, which can increase your client’s trust.

In addition, you will be able to explain why your plan is most viable. Using an Artificial Intelligence-based construction platform, such as ALICE, can help achieve this.

Lastly, you can rest assured that your clients will always be happier. Instead of presenting to them with dozens of documents explaining the progress of their project, you can do this via the click of a button. The ease at which they will follow the progress of their construction project will make them very happy.

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