The Legality of Online Sport Betting in Slovenia: A Full Guide

Written By James Hardy
June 25, 2021
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The Legality of Online Sport Betting in Slovenia: A Full Guide

Generally, contact sports have resumed back in Europe and across the world. This is after a few months of disruption as a result of the covid-19 global pandemic. In light of the recent developments in sports and its conduct, many Slovenians are beginning to ask questions concerning the legality of online sports betting in Slovenia. Though the legality of gambling and online sports betting has been discussed on many occasions, even in the Slovenian Parliament, the are still unclear issues about online gambling and particularly sports betting jurisdictions in the country.

However, while we give you a full guide and explanation relating to the legality of online sports betting in Slovenia, you can also take a quick look at najboljše stavnice to see the latest online sport betting news, games, tips, and odds, to improve your prospects of earning great cash rewards as sports season continues across the globe.

Authorization Control

In 2007, the Slovenian Parliament granted the state lottery operator, Sport Loterija, the permission and control to carry out online gambling operations in the country. This has led to a monopoly of gambling operations, whereby the foreign operators are blocked from carrying out their online gambling services in the country.

Similarly, in 2018, the Slovenian parliament voted in an 18 to 12 against the bill that would legalize online sports betting in the country for various companies including foreign countries. Despite the bill’s rejection, the Slovenia government has no clear law making online sports betting explicitly illegal for the bettors or players in the country. This situation, however, has made many Slovenians look outside the shores of the country to look for credible international online sport betting operators to place their bets. 

What you should know?Online Sport Betting in Slovenia

There are indeed some technicalities to the unclear cases of the legality of online gambling in Slovenia. To make it clearer and simpler, here the things you should know: 

  1. Is online gambling permitted? Yes
  2. Is there a Licence available for online betting: Yes (but the permission is only available to Slovenia’s two lottery operators as well as the casino concessionaires)
  3. Sports Yes ( but not available to many operators including foreign companies. Only Slovenia’s two lottery operators and the casino concessionaire are eligible to operate.)
  4. Is Online Card Games authorized: Yes
  5. Is Online Casino Games allowed: Yes
  6. Is the Online Lottery Operation approved: Yes (but it is monopolized to Slovenia’s two lottery operators and the casino concessionaire only)?

Ruling on Bettors

While the Slovenian government only allowed a very few indigenous firms to control and operate the online sports betting operation across the country, the sanctions or penalties against the illegal operations of unlicensed gambling websites in the country have watered down. 

According to Tomaš Selinec, a Slovenian expert in online sports betting, it has been observed that the penalties and sanctions are not effective, as it fails in resulting to its desired purpose. To know who Tomaš Selinec is, you can view his profile here. This situation, however, has made many unlicensed gambling websites continue their operation in the country. 

At the same time, considering such intricate conditions, the bettors stand a risk of losing their money without prior warnings as the Slovenian government might just wake up one day and decide enough is enough. Thereby restricting access to the unlicensed gambling websites completely losing your account and the money in it. 

Alternative for Bettors

There are three different alternatives available for Slovenians to participate in Online sport betting to make extra income, despite the scrutinized legislation concerning did legality of Online Sport Betting in Slovenia. The most obvious and easier one is to patronize the local and licensed gambling firm in the country that are into online sport betting services. This alternative provides bettors the opportunity to place their bet on sports matches online without any fear or risk of losing money at any point in time, except when they lose the actual bet.

The second alternative is quite risky and unpredictable. By patronizing the unlicensed but local online gambling websites in the countries, the bettors have the danger of losing their money without notice when the sanction comes knocking. However, there are positives to this option, and the bettors can quickly place their bet in local currency, using local language as a means of instructions to guide the bettors in online gambling accordingly.

The third alternative, even though can be precarious as well, it is the most common choice among Slovenian citizens who want to place a bet in online sports betting game.  Considering the ambiguous issues surrounding the legality of online sports betting in Slovenia, many Slovenians now opt for international betting websites that also conduct online sport betting services. However, there are many ways to mitigate the risk of losing money in this situation. One outstanding method to apply is to register and play on reputable websites that have a satisfactory record of constant payouts. You can take a look at some of them at najboljše stavnice while also learning about the latest online sport betting games, tips, and odds.

Hence, despite online sports betting and gambling in general, are only legalized for a few state-run betting websites, there are international bookmakers readily available to Slovenian bettors. At the same time, the nation’s government has in recent years shown no concern in curbing its citizens from joining the top online sport betting websites in Slovenia.

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