Download YouTube to MP3 Online on PC for Free

Written By Alla Levin
May 02, 2022
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Download YouTube to MP3 Online on PC for Free

Downloading YouTube content into Mp3 format is the need of every person. With rich and billions of hours of content, YouTube is the need of every person. YouTube has become the daily driver nowadays. YouTube content is only available in the video version. YouTube does not provide an option to download videos.

Mp3 Format

MP3 format is the most common format. Mp3 format is the compressed and lossy format of the original file. The mp3 format compressed the original file and lost irrelevant information from the original file to make its size smaller. The MP3 format is accessible to any device. People use Mp3 formats to listen to songs.

All-new, old, and evergreen songs are available on YouTube in different lengths and qualities. As YouTube does not allow to download its content. The content is only available in video format. Here, the MP3 to YouTube comes into existence. The Mp3 to YouTube converts the YouTube Mp4 video into MP3 format.

The benefits of Mp3 formats as they can be listened to anywhere without worrying about internet connection. Even in this innovative world, we still find unstabilized or no network someplace. Especially when we are traveling by train, car, or air, the user won’t be able to access YouTube to listen to their favorite song in such conditions.

But if you have the music in MP3 format on your laptop, you don’t have to worry about the internet connection. MP3 format is famous because of its size. The structure takes up very little space in your device and can be run smoothly even on fewer memory devices. The small size of the Mp3 file can easily be spread all over the internet and on social platforms.

The only solution to YouTube Mp3 problem is ““. “” is an online platform where you can quickly access and download any YouTube video in Mp3 format. It is an essential website that provides numerous conversion services.

The website is very fast to load and does not have a single bug. This website aims to provide quality conversion services to its user for free in no hassle.

Premium Package of MP3DOWNLOAD.toDownload YouTube to MP3 Online on PC for Free

The premium package of “” is for professionals and pro users who like to get premium services. The premium account of “MP3download.” allows you to have a faster speed with full catching speed, enabling you to download unlimited length video, with resumable download options and audio quality of up to 320kbps+.

Of course, these all are needed for professional and Pro users. The premium account rate of “” is very competitive and value to money. “” always helps to fulfill the needs of every user and always aims for better services for both of its users, regular and premium.

If you want to use its free services, you don’t have to worry; you can still create your free account and enjoy its conversion services for free. The site enables you to get your desired file with a few clicks; the site is impressive in the sense of usefulness.
How to Create an Account on

Open the site on your browser. Move your cursor to the left corner, and you see the signup option. Click on the signup option. It will ask you to create an account through Google or by email. Select your desired option, then click on continue, and in a few seconds, you will be a member of “” After creating your account, you will be able to buy a premium package of enjoy services beyond imagination.

Formats available: Directly Search Videos

This allows users to search videos through its search engine directly. You can type the YouTube Video title. The search engine will look for the video. It means you don’t have to open another video to copy the link. Your desired demand can be fulfilled under one window umbrella.

YouTube TO MP3 downloaderYouTube TO MP3 downloader

This is the most loving feature of “”. I must say it is a problem-solving tool in today’s world. This help in downloading YouTube video into Mp3 format with no hassle. YouTube does not provide any mechanism to download its videos in Mp3 format.

To do the leftover work of YouTube, this tool will help you have your favorite YouTube Songs on your device. “” provide different formats and sizes to download a single video.

Mp3 Downloader

This tool helps in converting other format files like WAV, and FLAC into Mp3juice formats.  The agency provides conversion of Mp3 files into different forms in a few seconds.

Download YouTube to MP3 online on PC for free: Mp3 Music Download

This option allows you to direct search the mp3 music and download your favorite songs through “”. You don’t have to open bulky software, and that makes your device slow. Any device and browser can access the tool; there is no special instruction for handling this tool.

Steps To Download YouTube To MP3 Online On PC For FreeDownload YouTube to MP3 online on PC for free

If you are a new PC user and don’t know how to download Mp3 songs using “”. then, don’t worry, and we are here to explain the step-by-step process of downloading YouTube mp3 online on PC for free.


Open your browser, type on URL “” then press enter. In a few seconds, the site will be displayed.

Step 2:

Click on the YouTube Mp3 download; the site will lend you to BTCLOD.COM.


Copy the YouTube video link you wish to download and paste it into the space available under “YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER”. Click on start over


Several conversion formats will appear with different available sizes of the video. Just click on your desired format and size, and in a few seconds, your Mp3 file will be ready to download.

Step 5:

Finally, your file is ready; click on the download option and select your PC’s desired folder where you wish to save the file, and in a few seconds, the file will be saved into your desired folder. Now, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube song in Mp3 format without having the internet.

Download YouTube to MP3 online on PC for free: Conclusion

This article aims to provide a single and best solution to the problem of YouTube to Mp3 download. Instead of mentioning many websites, we have mentioned a single website with the best result. The website is easy to use, and more importantly, the site offers free essential services to its user. The site is ads-free; there are not so many annoying ads. The premium version of the site is also available for its pro users at a very cheap rate.

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