Reach Another Level of Comfort and Style Wearing The Sleeper Silk Flats

Written By Alla Levin
May 02, 2022
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Reach Another Level of Comfort and Style Wearing The Sleeper Silk Flats

Women’s shoe fashion has dramatically evolved over the past years. Now, there is no need for women to be running their daily errands in high heels just to keep in style. The notion of comfort has been successfully introduced into modern fashion trends. That explains why the Ukrainian brand Sleeper has gained so much adoration and popularity among modern fashion lovers.

The brand started its production with only one line of black and white pajamas. And even with just that Sleeper has turned the fashion scene upside down.

However, if you visit now, you will be surprised by the great variety of options available to you. Not only has the brand extended its pajamas line, but also introduced a lot of new clothing and even added a collection of elegant and comfortable shoes.

Sleeper’s shoes for women can be called revolutionary in the sense, that they have brought the sense of comfort to another level. You won’t see high heels or sneakers here. However, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of house-slippers-like shoes. And the best part is, even with this seemingly unfamiliar segment of fashion, Sleeper has not forgotten to stick to their main ideas:

  • Keep it minimalistic;
  • Comfortable;
  • Practical;
  • And stylish.

With such an extensive collection, the brand successfully proved that it’s not only about versatile garments. It proved that even when it comes down to women’s shoes, Sleeper is here to elevate your style. So what are you waiting for? To find out more about this unique collection of shoes, just keep on reading! Maybe you will leave with your favorite design in mind.

From Pajama Sets to Shoes for Women: an Evolution of Sleeper’s AssortmentEvolution of Sleeper’s Assortment

As we have mentioned above, eight years ago Sleeper was started as a not-so-sleepwear brand. Their main focus was centered around the idea of creating stylish pajamas that could be worn practically anywhere: from the comfort of your home to a loud evening party.

However, as it gained more recognition, the brand couldn’t just stay in place. And as Sleeper’s evolution started, more and more new items appeared in its stock. Even its initial line got a new twist, and that’s how the party pajamas set with feathers appeared.

This signature piece of the Sleeper’s Party Collection has become one of the favorites among the brand’s fans. The vintage-inspired design has gone through some adjustments: first, the feathery cuffs were added only to the pants, then it got another opulent update – feathery cuffs on the sleeves of the shirt.

Of course, Sleeper always keeps the idea of practicality in mind, so the chic feathery adjustments were made to be detachable. This way you can dress the whole outfit up and down depending on the occasion and your mood. Made out of lightweight viscose, which adds extra elegance to the silhouette, this design quickly gained admiration.

However, this was not the only addition. The sleeper has also introduced a whole bunch of fresh new designs of loungewear suits and dresses. It was just a matter of time before they would add something else to their assortment. This thing became shoewear.

And if Sleeper takes on a new task, it does it on the highest level. That’s why now you have a bunch of different shoe options on your hands: from the Sleeper silk flats to strappy sandals and clogs. Let’s take a quick look into the variety of options the brand offers.

The Versatile World of Flats and SlippersThe Versatile World of Flats and Slippers

As the hot summer season is quickly approaching, the Sleeper silk flats will be a perfect choice for your shoe collection. The Mille-feuille flats are made out of natural 100% silk and are also biodegradable, making this design not only of the highest quality but also sustainable. The shoes are detailed with three cute silk bows which gives them pretty much a Victorian-era kind of vibe. Nevertheless, they can be easily and naturally paired up with a pair of your favorite jeans, as well as any dresses, and skirts. These shoes will only add an extra dash of chic to your initial look.

With this brand, you can also find a perfect pair of shoes to match your party pajamas set with feathers. In this case, the Sleeper’s shearling slippers would look perfectly in place. This design was the first-ever pair of shoes produced by the brand. The backless heel and a classic square-toed mule are a perfect solution for the warm days of the spring-to-summer period. In these slippers, you will feel as comfortable as if you were lounging at your home.

here are also a couple more slipper variants: the satin puff mules in 90’s aesthetic design and Lulu shearling flats. However, there are also some other options. Besides the flats and fuzzy slippers, there are also various pairs of Macaroni strappy sandals, Aristocrat satin ballet flats, Manon mules with detachable feathers, and Matilda clogs. With such great variety, it’s hard to imagine not finding anything to your liking.

Sleeper – The Choice of Uniqueness and Varietysleeper silk flats

If you are looking for a chance to refresh your wardrobe, Sleeper is a brand that will have you covered. And if you require a new pair of silk ballet flats, you will find that this brand has those too. Furthermore, you will probably see not one pair you will like, so prepare yourself for a decision-making process. And even if you are a peaky fashionista you will luckily find something for your specific taste too.

Considering all of the above, Sleeper can righteously be called a brand of versatility. Moreover, when you choose Sleeper, you choose more than just exquisite style – you choose uniqueness, comfort, and practicality. No one can even argue that when you choose Sleeper – you choose self-care and love.

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