4 Things To Grow & Sell For A Lot Of Money

Written By Alla Levin
May 09, 2022
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4 Things To Grow & Sell For A Lot Of Money

Sometimes, the best business ideas are the simplest. Instead of trying to come up with the latest and greatest tech innovation, or desperately thinking of an innovative product, why don’t you go back to basics? 

Think about how people used to make money in the past. The oldest method of starting a business is simple; grow things and sell them. In the past, you needed a big farm to make a successful business out of this method. However, modern technology and science have meant that almost anyone can grow things and sell them for profit. 

The question is, what do you grow?

Loads of options spring to mind, but here are a few things that should yield the best financial results for your business: 



Bamboo is arguably the most profitable plant you can grow. It’s highly popular to grow and sell this because you can grow lots of it very quickly, and you don’t need loads of space. Plus, you can sell it directly to the consumer if you wish. Bamboo plants can be sold to consumers to use in their homes or gardens as foliage or decoration. 

At the same time, you can find loads of business customers as well. Bamboo is growing into one of the most sought-after materials in various industries. It is commonly used as a replacement for plastics in some food-based businesses. For example, companies are making straws, utensils, or food storage containers out of bamboo. 

Similarly, clothing companies are starting to use bamboo to make socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc. It’s a plant with so many uses, meaning you can find loads of different customers. The more demand there is for something, the more you can sell it for. Thus, you make huge profits!

Hemppopular to grow

Hemp is the same species of plant as cannabis, and both are actually worth growing as a business idea. You see, hemp is extremely popular for many other businesses to buy and use in their products. There are companies out there making hemp oils, hemp proteins, or even clothes/other goods made from hemp. It’s such a diverse plant, which is why you can make a lot of money growing it. 

The good thing is that you don’t need a huge amount of space to grow hemp. It can be done outside, with some hemp harvesting equipment, but you can also grow it indoors. Regardless of how you grow it, it’s a popular business possibility because of the many customers you can get. It’s something that should generate a lot of attention from nearby businesses – or even businesses around the world. 


In all honesty, you could include any number of different herbs here. However, we’re highlighting basil because of its universal appeal. Basil is used in dishes all across the world. Not only that but it’s used in some of the most simple and globally popular foods – like pasta. Therefore, there’s a massive demand for basil from all four corners of the world. 

Nevertheless, the true reason you should grow and sell basil is that local grocery stores and consumers will be dying to get it. Why? Because most of the basil you find in stores will not last long at all.

It’s been imported from countries thousands of miles away, meaning it loses freshness really fast. Even some of the basil plants you can buy won’t last more than a few days as they come from somewhere too far away. 

For a grocery store, they want suppliers that are more local. It allows them to provide fresher ingredients that last for longer. Thus, they’re willing to pay a bit more for your basil than they would for one that’s grown overseas.

You can also take your basil to farmer’s markets and sell it directly to consumers. Sure, most of your business will be local, but it’s still very easy to make money. 

Basil is also so simple for anyone to grow. It can be done indoors or in a small container garden, so you don’t need much space or many resources. The growing costs are minimal, letting you make a big profit when you sell it.

Cilantro – or coriander in some parts of the world – is also a good herb to grow and sell. It’s perhaps not as popular as basil, but it can be ground up and turned into a ground spice, which means you might be able to sell it to food manufacturing companies. 


Lastly, any type of flower will be worth growing. Flowers are such a profitable thing to grow because they don’t require a lot of money or space to cultivate. You don’t need to have a whole field full of flowers to make money. All you need is a little space in your garden, a green thumb, and you are good to go. 

Shrubs can also fall under this category, and your main customers will be both consumers and local businesses. There are bound to be garden centers in your local area that are always desperate for new plants and flowers. Sell your growths to them, and they’ll package them up and sell to the consumer. 

Alternatively, you can start your own flower business online. This business idea is really popular, and it involves selling bouquets of flowers to people.

They pick the bouquet on your site, dress it up nice and pretty, and then send it to their recipient’s address. It’s such a clever gift option, making it super popular. Or, you could start a subscription service where people get flowers regularly sent to them or a loved one. 

Clearly, this shows just how easy it is to grow things and sell them for a lot of money. It’s an ancient business idea that still works in the modern age. Arguably the best thing about this approach to business is that it’s easily scalable. You start with a small area in your home where you grow things.

As business gets bigger, you may buy more land to plant more things. You can keep acquiring more land, and you can even diversify what you grow. Instead of only growing one thing on this list, you could start growing all of them!

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