Best Laid Plans: Top 6 Challenges of Travel Planning

Written By Alla Levin
May 09, 2022

Best Laid Plans: Top 6 Challenges of Travel Planning

Though the idea of jetting off to foreign lands and lounging around on sunny beaches may sound like a dream, attempting to travel without a solid game plan can end in catastrophe.

Between missed flights, confusing public transportation, and unexpected closures, the roadblocks are endless without proper planning in place. 

Though you may have a general idea of when and where to go, creating a more detailed plan can give your trip much-needed structure and foresight into typical travel-related conundrums.

Ultimately, quality planning can improve travel, while forgetting to plan for the unexpected could turn your vacation into an expensive nightmare. 

Keep reading to learn about the top six challenges of travel preparation and how to avoid them. 

Unorganized travel documentationTravel Planning

The first misstep many inexperienced travelers make is misplacing or forgetting essential documents, like passports, IDs, and plane tickets. Unfortunately, unorganized travel documentation can lead to potentially expensive and hassle-filled fixes, like purchasing a new ticket or taking an unexpected trip to the international embassy. 

When planning a trip, make sure you have a photo and digital copies of any critical info to bypass any lost materials and stressful delays. 

Prices out of your budget

When preparing for vacation, it can be difficult to find attractions and restaurants within your price range if you’re working within a stiff budget. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to plan the exact amount of cash you’ll need, as unexpected price increases and closures may throw a wrench in your plans. 

However, you can bypass anxiety-inducing bistro bills by padding your account with extra funds. Or, consider renting a room with a kitchen and cooking your own meals, saving money for other attractions. 

Overwhelming packing escapades

Packing is one of the most significant stressors for those planning a big trip, as too many items can be a bulky hassle while too little can result in foreign store scrambles for bare necessities.

To ensure you stay within reasonable confines, make sure you have a list of activities, weather predictions, and extra essentials before you pack any superfluous items. Once you have the basics down, with plenty of comfortable clothes and a pair of solid walking shoes, you can begin narrowing down the final few items. 

Difficulty booking flights and hotels

During the initial planning phases, booking your boarding and solidifying your transportation is critical. Without a guaranteed place to stay and a way to explore the surrounding area, your trip will sour quickly. 

To avoid booking complications, triple-check dates and times for any rentals and bookings before your long-awaited trip. That way, you’ll have all your ducks in a row before you board your flight and check into your suite, streamlining an otherwise stressful process.  

Planning for travel-induced anxietyPlanning for travel-induced anxiety

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans have their kinks—one of which is unexpected anxiety. Between lengthy flights, confusing train schedules, and unfamiliar streets, exploring foreign lands may leave inexperienced adventures with a pit in their stomach. 

Though stress and anxiety often rear their ugly heads during unpredictable situations, you can satiate any fear by practicing anxiety-reducing techniques, like meditation or a 30-minute exercise. 

Bad weather can ruin all your plans

Whether you find yourself stuck in rain, hail, or snowstorm, poor weather conditions can dampen any vacation. Though it may be challenging to avoid bad weather, as natural disturbances are quick to come and go, you can still vacation during mellow seasons to bypass stormy situations. 

Wrap up

By thoroughly planning before hitting the road, you can circumvent common travel mishaps and stay prepared for any unexpected detours. 

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