Tips to Help You Stay Comfortable During a Road Trip

Written By Alla Levin
January 29, 2020

Tips to Help You Stay Comfortable During a Road Trip

Taking a road trip is a great way to get out and see the world, but long times spent in the car can leave you feeling uncomfortable, fatigued, and anxious. Don’t let this get in your way of having a fun vacation, after all the journey there is part of the fun. By following these tips, your car ride can be a more pleasant experience, whether it’s a short 4-hour excursion or a 12-hour trip across county lines.

Be Prepared 

You are never going to feel completely comfortable on a road trip unless you know that you are prepared. This means having copies of your driving license, covering yourself with a car accident lawyer, travel insurance, and emergency funds fr those just in case scenarios.

Get Enough Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep before a road trip is especially important if you’re the one behind the wheel. It can be easier said than done, but the night before a road trip aims to get to sleep early and try to allow yourself at least 8 hours.

Remember, a strong cup of coffee has got nothing on a full night’s rest.

Chew Gumthings to bring on a road trip

Did you know that chewing gum has been proven to help you stay alert? The repetitive motions your mouth makes while chewing gum actually helps improve blood circulation to your head and stimulates the muscles in the face.

Unlike breathing, chewing is an involuntary action that helps keep the brain stimulated.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

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When traveling, it’s all about comfortable clothing. For drivers, wearing flat shoes can make using the pedals easier; and for passengers, they tend to be the most comfortable option as well. A t-shirt and well worn-in pair of jeans or shorts are comfortable options (avoid wearing new denim, as it can be more restrictive).

Don’t forget, you’ll likely be stopping for bathroom breaks and gas fill-ups, so bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case the weather along the way is cooler than where you can from.

Grab a Pair of Compression Sock

Long car rides mean long periods of time spent sitting, without much leg movement.

Both those with circulatory problems and perfectly healthy individuals are at an increased risk of developing blood clots when seated for such long periods of time.

Wearing a pair of compression socks on your car ride increases circulation, therefore lowering your risk.

Compression socks also help regulate the temperature of your legs with moisture-wicking fabric, keeping you sweat-free.

Additionally, graduated compression can help alleviate pain and tingling from restless leg syndrome.

Pack Healthy Snacks

When prepping for your road trip, be sure to bring snacks that are healthy, filling, and low-mess.

String cheese, protein bars, carrots, nuts, and hard-boiled eggs are easy snacks to grab and go. Pita pockets with cheese, veggies, and lunch meat are great to prep for a meal, as well as whole grain pasta or peanut butter sandwiches.

This way, you can hit the drive-thrus fewer times and stay feeling healthy on the road.

Listen to Something Interesting

Some people prefer listening to music in the car, for others, it’s podcasts and audiobooks. Whichever your preference is, make sure to plan your listening with a curated, upbeat playlist or an interesting audiobook to keep your mind stimulated for the duration of your trip.

Next time you’re about to hit the road for a fun getaway, keep these tips in mind to make the journey there more tolerable.

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