Top 5 Ways To Help Child Go To Sleep

Written By Alla Levin
May 23, 2022

Top 5 Ways To Help Your Child Go To Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for our children. It allows them to grow and develop physically and mentally. It is important for their health and well-being helps to build their immune system and can improve their learning. If your child is having difficulty sleeping, it can begin to cause problems, but there are ways that you can help, like choosing the best mattress for your child, or creating the perfect bedtime routine to help them doze off. Read on to find out more!

Bedtime routine

If your child is struggling with their sleep, developing a bedtime routine could be the key to helping them drift off more easily. We all thrive on routine and even into adulthood, we all have set ways of doing things throughout the day, and this remains the same for children, routine is important and is a way of letting them know that it’s time for bed.

Your child’s routine should focus on being comfortable and relaxing, it should last around 30-40 minutes and include a bath, a bedtime story, and bed. You can adapt the routine to suit your child’s needs but sticking to it is key. If you continue with the routine over a set period, your child will get used to this and will begin to feel sleepy at bedtime.

Reduce screen timemattress for your child

We are all guilty of looking at our various devices in bed, and it can be tempting to allow your child to watch something in the hope that it will get them off to sleep, but in fact, it can do the opposite. When we’re about to go to bed, the sleep hormone melatonin is at its highest. When we look at screens, the blue light that comes from monitors, TVs, and smartphones can interrupt our melatonin production, making us feel more awake.

A great way of ensuring that your child remains sleepy is to reduce their screen time before bed. Getting rid of the screens in the evening allows your child’s brain to rest and relax, which means they will become tired and sleep more easily.

Help Child Go To Sleep: Create calm

When we’re stressed, cortisol levels rise in our brains. This is the stress hormone, and if it is produced before bedtime, can make it incredibly difficult to sleep. Make sure that the activities your child is taking part in before bedtime are calm, and quiet. Try to avoid any unnecessary stress or excitement that might harm their routine. Light Play activities are acceptable, but avoid highly energetic, noisy games and try to avoid any arguments or raised voices.

Sleepy atmosphere

It is essential that your child’s bedroom is designed with sleep in mind. Reducing distractions is great when it comes to falling asleep, so creating an environment that is calm, quiet, and dark can be a perfect way to get your child to doze off. Think soft sheets, cozy furnishings, and a comfortable mattress. Making sure that the room is not too hot or too cold is key so that your child doesn’t become restless during the night.

Sleep Technology

Technology is advancing to help our children sleep more soundly. You could try white noise machines if noisy traffic is an issue in a built-up, residential area – nature sounds can be soothing when trying to get your child to sleep. Blackout blinds are a great way to make sure light is not signaling them to wake early in the morning. Night lights can also be a good way of waking them more naturally or can be used to create a soothing, calm atmosphere in their room before bed.

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