How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship: Keeping The Spark Alive

Written By Alla Levin
June 02, 2022

How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship: Keeping The Spark Alive

What if lovers are separated not by three trolley bus stops but by hundreds (or even thousands) of kilometers? Does such a relationship have a future? Let’s try to be objective and weigh all the arguments for and against the long-distance relationship to look at the tips for making this relationship work. However, a long-distance relationship requires a bit more conscious thought.

The advantages of a long-distance relationship:

  • Such relationships are more romantic;

Each meeting (even the rarest) is something special. Flowers, dinners, walks – what ordinary couples allow themselves on occasion or on holidays, happen every date for lovers who live far from each other. In general, fireworks of feelings provided even the most phlegmatic natures. 

  • It’s always interesting together;

It is hard to get enough to say during every meeting: topics for discussion flow out. However, if you constantly keep in touch by phone or through the Internet, you can still keep abreast of your partner’s life. 

The disadvantages of a long-distance relationship

  • Planning is not easy;

At first, a long-distance relationship is perceived as a romantic adventure (and it is). Later there are questions: What lies ahead? Is there to be cohabitation and marriage? Crises, alas, are inevitable if the relationship is meant to be long-term and severe. However, certainty is out of the question if the relationship is initially considered in the “no commitment” category.

  • Negative attitudes toward others.

Even the most resilient women can succumb to psychological attacks. And often, the attacking party are the closest: parents, girlfriends, and close relatives. And what to say about the “benevolent” colleagues and acquaintances! And sometimes silence or facial expressions can be more eloquent than even the most caustic words.

Stay connectedHow To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Talking on the phone is the best way to stay connected because it helps you keep intimacy. Skype, Zoom, and many modern tools allow you to do it and see your partner. Even if you are busy, you should find time for a long intimate conversation with your partner. Emotional support is one of the essential things in a long-distance relationship.

However, sexting can also keep the spark alive. Don’t be afraid to send your partner some sensual and sexual texts to show you miss the sexual connection. 

Try to take up new hobbies together

Even if you don’t spend your evening together, that doesn’t mean both of you aren’t able to take up hobbies together. If you and your partner have enough time to take up a fascinating new activity, it would be great. A few options to consider are gambling on PlayAmo casino or other gambling platforms, studying a new foreign language, painting, or cooking. It is even possible even to do different things at the same time and stay in contact. Share your experience with your partner.

Leave some of your partner’s belongings at home to remember your partner’s presence

Do you remember the favorite scent of your girlfriend? Or are there any books your partner enjoys reading? Leave some things with each other which will remind you of your partner. Some souvenirs, books, a cup of tea, and Fotos may help you feel better even if your loved one is a hundred miles away.

How to maintain a long-distance relationship: try to spend time together as much as possibleHow to maintain a long-distance relationship

It may be quite challenging to plan some visits or trips you can enjoy together in a long-distance relationship. However, try to see each other in person at least quarterly. 

Discuss feelings and communication needs with your partner

To support long-distance relationships, it is essential to give clarity to your partner on what you like and what you need. Do you enjoy sending messages more than speaking? What do you expect from this relationship at all? Finding a compromise in such a relationship plays a significant role. So, if you live together, it is much easier to share your feelings because you live in the same space or often see each other.

How to maintain long-distance relationship: Conclusion

Does the long-distance relationship work? Only the couple can answer this question. Do the desires of both partners coincide? What is the ultimate goal of the relationship: to build a family in the classic sense of the word, or to have a good time? If the first, is one of the couple ready to sacrifice his interests for the other?

Also, long-distance love is unlikely to suit those for whom bodily contact and the constant ability to see their partner nearby are significant. But if freedom, romance, and fireworks are in the first place, the distance will not be an obstacle to building a solid relationship.

If you’ve found someone you connect with and love, you probably don’t want to break up simply because you don’t live in the same place. And you can still have a healthy, satisfying relationship with someone you love even if you only see each other a few times a month (or even a year). It would help if you simply put in extra effort, stay in touch with your partner, and maintain it.

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